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Narrator's P.O.V
As Yn ran outside to meet the boys in the car, the two noticed that she had a worried look on her face and when she came and sat inside the car, Seokjin started to drive out of the drive way while Jimin turned around and asked;

"Hey, what took you so long?"

"I'm sorry I couldn't find my phone."

"Oh I remember seeing it, I think it was in-"

"It was in Appa's room, it was charging on his bed."

Taeyung chimed in and Jimin pulled his attention back to his nephew on the other line as he asked;

"Is it charged all the way?"

"I didn't check, should I go and get it-"

"No, just leave it like that baby-"

Yn says but gets cut off by Taeyung saying;

"But Appa says that it's bad to leave the phone charging for too long."

Humming in response, Yn quickly says;

"Alright Taeyung, carefully go get my phone from Appa's room and when you do, go back to your room and lock your door. Remember to stay quiet, okay?"

"Okay. I will."

He says quietly as the three hear his put Taehyung's phone down and leave his bedroom, and in leaving the phone there, the three could make out what Taehyung and his mother were saying:

"I'd rather die than marry someone that I didn't love-"

"You will do what I say and you will get married to Kim Seon-mi! Obey your Eomma!"

Suddenly there was pure silence until.. someone's footsteps could be heard walking across the hall and a door quickly closing, it was Taeyung.

He carefully picked up the phone again and Yn quickly said;

"Taeyung did you do what I said?"

"Yes, I got your phone and I locked my door right now and I put a chair in front of in."

"Good boy. Now remember to stay quiet and-"

Suddenly Taeyung flinched which caused the phone to fall on the floor and the three in the car to become even more worried but.. there was one thing that set Yn over the edge...

And that was Taeyung's sudden screams and the sounds of loud banging.

"Step on it Jin!"

She worriedly cried out and looking at each other, Jimin nods at Seokjin and he nods back and smiles as he reassuringly says;

"I'm on it Yn, don't worry."

Taehyung's P.O.V
Coughing up blood and wiping my bloody nose at the same time, I try and stop the bleeding to the best of my abilities, as I look up at my mother who was holding onto a broken vase.

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