Chapter 59- astronomy tower

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"Freddie! Stop it! Stop it", she laughed out of breath from him tickling the sides of her stomach.

He stopped and laughed with her, admiring how happy she looked. "Look at you"

She caught her breath and grinned over at him. "What?"

"Look at you. I haven't seen you this happy in months Blackwood", he said caressing her face with his hands.

Ember gazed at him. "Because I haven't been able to be with the one person I've been in love with for years"

Fred leaned forward and kissed her ever so passionately. You could see how much they loved each other just from the way that they kissed one another. The pure passion and feelings that connected their lips seemed impossible.

He pulled back to look at her. "How about we go down to the kitchens?"

"To the kitchens? What for?"

He laughed as he got out of the bed and searched for his pants. "How about your favorite?"

"Ice cream!??", she gasped happily.

He couldn't help but smile. "Anything for you"

She jumped out of the bed excitedly then quickly let the happiness fade away. "Wait"

He pulled up his pants and glanced over at her. "What's wrong?"

"You know ice cream gets me sick though Freddie"

He grabbed his shirt off of the floor and slipped his arms through leaving his structured abs exposed. "Blackwood, your father is coming for us in probably just hours! Nothing should hold us back, especially not ice cream"

She nodded slightly sad knowing he was right. They both were afraid of what might happen but they both also wanted to spend as much time with one another as possible.

"We will just have to get you dairy free ice cream won't we?", he smiled over at her as he began to button up his dress shirt.

She smacked her lips. "Leave it open!"


"Leave your shirt open like that . . . I like it that way", she grinned slipping on her big, poofy dress.

He stared at her admiring the way she slipped into her dress. "As you wish darling"

They both slipped on their shoes and walked down to the kitchens. Once they walked in they instantly heard voices around the corner towards where the refrigerators were located.

Fred peeked around to see. His eyes set right on their group of friends raiding the fridges. He laughed and walked out with his hand intertwined with Ember's.

Ember gasped as she seen Ginny, "My love!", she smiled running towards her best friend who also was smiling so happily to see her.

"Where were you guys, we were looking everywhere for you both!?", questioned Hermione.

"Oh you know . . .", Fred spoke nonchalantly.

Ember grinned, "Not much"

Fred shot a look towards her, "What do you mean not much!?"

"Oh my god", George smirked.

Ember laughed, "Fred!"

Ron turned around to glance at them while continuing to cook some bacon on the stove. "What happened?"

Lee bit into his half eaten apple. "Emberlynn and Frederick shagged!", he shouted as if acting like a 5 year old snitching.

Ginny's eyes bulged from her skull at Ember making Ember unintentionally turn red from this amount of attention on her sex life.

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