Chapter 26

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When me and Liam reach the exit of his apartment building, Gino appears and some of my men are with him.

"Moretti has been found innocent. There is a new mission set in line. Understand?" I say, glancing around but not seeing Gabriel.

They all nod, Gino looks especially pleased.
I watch them all get into the van. Liam stays behind with me. I decide to pull Gino aside.

"Where the hell is Jilani?" I mumble into his ear as he leans down to hear me.

Jilani. Gabriel's last name.

"He's been dismissed. I don't know what's with him lately, but he's starting arguments with everyone. I let him go." He says.

I genuinely don't mind if he let go of Gabriel. He was causing issues.

I nod. I step into the van and see Gino and Liam shake hands. Part of me wants to think Gino wanted him back. Almost as if he set this up on purpose. But that's just wishful thinking.

Once we are all in and driving back, Gino speaks up.

"What's the new plan, Capo?" Asks Gino.

I glance at Liam.
"Moretti stole an invitation from Carlos. He's having an opening at the end of next month for a new club." I state.

Gino listens carefully, and so do my other men, including Liam.

"Non morto cremisi will be attending. We are going to assassinate them.... And Carlos." I state.

Gino looks baffled a little.
"Capo, those are two extremely powerful families." He expresses.

"Sì. So che." I say, calmly.
(Yes. I know that.)

"We have a month to calculate a plan and train." I say.

I take another glance at Liam and he's already looking at me. I blink at him a few times before turning away.

I let my thoughts consume me into a plan on the ride back to the landing strip, where the jet is.


The next day seemed like a blur. I wake up with sweat completely suffocating me. I glance at my alarm clock at its 5:20 am.

Much earlier than when I normally wake up but I guess I might as well. I get up and put on a fitted black long sleeve shirt that stopped right at my belly button with low waisted cargo pants.

I grab my gun, my gun holster and a few knifes.
I try to be as quiet as possible when heading to  the training quarter.

I begin throwing knifes at a target first. I grunt as I throw each one and hitting the target perfectly. Only a few didn't make the target. I frown as they fall to the floor, weakly.

Turning around on my heel, I bump into Liam.

"Why are you up?" I ask.

"Why are you up?" He parrots.
"I'm training.." I state.

I allow my eyes to travel down and he's wearing a gray tank top. I notice his muscular arms and I just realize he has tattoos. A lot.

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