Press Conference

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The Same Night
Police Station

I take the phone sticking on the wall and looked at Aiko who was sitting across me. There was a thick glass that separate us.

Aizawa was with Aiko and he was in tuxedo.

Aizawa: Go ahead.

Aiko: (Y/N).

Me: I never thought I'm gonna end up here just because I was in contact with a villain.

Aiko: Why? Why don't you just tell us?

I just quiet.

Aiko: (Y/N), answer me!

Me: What will you do if you're in the same shoes as me?

Aiko: Wha?

Me: Have you ever thought about my feelings?

Aiko: I...

Me: You never, don't you?

Aiko: That's wrong!

Me: Then prove it with action and not words!!

Aiko was shocked by my sudden change of tone.

Me: I'm naive to forgive you too easily.

Aiko: (Y/N), I...

Aizawa: Aiko, I think it's better to give him some time. His mental state is not in the best condition right now. Guard, we're done here!

A guard entered the room and I stood up.

I left the room with guard following me.

Aizawa POV

Aiko: Eraser... What should I do now...?

Me: Beats me. I don't have siblings so I don't know how to solve problems between siblings. But just like what (Y/N) said, you need to prove it not by just words but actions too.

I saw tears fell on her skirt.

Aiko:*cries* But I don't know...! I'm really worthless...!

Me: You won't learn anything if I help you, so I'll leave this to you.

I said and started walking away.

Aiko was my student two years ago. And I know one thing about her.

When she's alone, she's like a lost child. She always ask for her friends' help, and can almost do nothing when alone.

What I'm doing right now is nothing more than teaching her. As a teacher, this is the best I could do in the current situation.

I looked at the time.

Me: He should come anytime soon.

Conference Room
Aizawa POV

Me: On this ocassion, our incompetence resulted in the injuries of 27 of our first year Student Heroes. Despite being an institution for the development of heroes, we were negligent in our defense against evil interests and have caused great anxiety within society. With the utmost sincerity, we respectfully and humbly apologize for our shortcomings.

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