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Ellie's POV

"Okay so we both can't sleep because they're sleeping in the same room huh?" Courtney asked. I laughed and sat up, nodding my head "that shit triggers me. I just wanna go to their room, open the door and sit right in between them so nothing happens"

"To be honest same" I sighed and laid back down "can I ask you something?" I said turning to face her as we slept on the same bed. She nodded and laid on her side "did you..sleep with Camila?"

"I wish but no" I nodded and looked at the ceiling "why are you asking?" I laughed and shrugged my shoulders "I don't want Grace to be hurt too much. As much as I want them to break up, I don't want her to get hurt and cheated on"

"But if I did sleep with Camila? What is gonna happen?" She asked. I looked at Courtney "I would be happy but Grace wouldn't be obviously. I don't like being a home wrecker but that Camila bitch is wrecking her own relationship by being around you too much"

"Why? Does Grace not like it?" I shook my head "fuck no she doesn't. She wants to spend more time with Camila but you hanging out with Camila is benefiting me instead because I can hang out with Grace more often"

"What in the love square is this?" She said making me chuckle, looking back at the ceiling.

After a bit, Courtney slept but I didn't. I just kept looking at the ceiling, trying to get her off my mind so I can at least sleep.

I heard something hit the wall, not hardly but it kept going repeatedly "no no.." I sat up and got out of the room. I went towards their room that was really close to us then I heard moaning.

"For fuck's sake" I mumbled annoyed at it. I wanted to walk in and stop everything, I wanted to knock on the door to startle them, I wanted to rip Camila's head off for touching Grace but she's her fucking girlfriend.

I walked outside and sat down. I took a deep breathe and rested back on the chair..what a great timing to hear that type of shit.


Grace's POV

There they are. Laughing and talking while making breakfast while I just walked out of my room, no one even noticing me or saying good morning.

I made a coffee, still invisible to them and sat down on the high chair in front of the kitchen counter.

"Good morning beautiful lady" I felt a soft kiss being placed on my neck, making me smile and turn to look at Ellie. She had sweatpants and a crop top on with her hair a little messed up.

"Good morning" I ran my fingers through her hair softly and gently, fixing it for her "thank you" she said, her adorable smile never leaving her face.

"Of course" we looked into each other's eyes for a bit then I saw her cheeks turn a little pink which made her look away and walk towards the fridge, taking some water out.

"Okay breakfast is ready" Camila said putting the plates in front of us. Ellie sat next to me on the high chair as Camila and Courtney sat in front of us.

Ellie shook her head and pushed the plate away "there is no way I'm eating something this Cami bitch made. She probably poisoned it or something" I laughed and took a fork "well I trust my baby" Camila smiled and I could see Ellie looking at me with an annoyed expression.

I ignored it and took the first bite "it's good, eat it" Ellie shook her head "I'm good. Not hungry" she said and I nodded my head, not wanting to pressure it on her.

"What's up with you and your grumpy ass?" Camila asked taking a bite of her food. Ellie looked around then pointed to herself "you're talking to me?"

"Yeah?" Ellie laughed and nodded "well maybe if you weren't being so loud yesterday I would've slept well instead of staying up for like 4am just so y'all would shut the fuck up"

"What do you mean? I didn't hear anything" Courtney said. I looked down a little embarrassed that she heard us yesterday "because you slept dumbass. I couldn't sleep then heard y'all breaking the fucking wall"

"Why are you so pissed? Is it because you wanted to fuck her as much as I did-" Ellie flipped her plate making most of her food get on Camila who stopped talking, shocked at what Ellie did. Ellie stood up and stormed outside.

"Why did you say that?" I asked standing up "what? She was the one that brought that up" I rolled my eyes at her and walked outside, trying to get to Ellie as she walked in between the trees.

"El!" I called for her. She turned around and looked at me "wait" she crossed her arms "I didn't mean to cuss at you, I just meant Camila by whatever I said" Ellie said still sounding a little upset.

"It's fine. I just wanted to make sure you're okay" I said. She nodded and refused to hold eye contact "I'm okay, you can go back now"

"Are you lying to me?" I asked, she clenched her jaw while looking to her side "I just need some time alone" she said. My eyes softened and my shoulders relaxed, I nodded "oh okay, if you need anything call me"

"Okay" I walked back towards the cabin, taking a quick look at Ellie who walked the opposite way, not looking behind her.

Ellie's POV

I wish I could just turn off my feelings and that fucking overthinking shit. I look at everything and all that comes to mind is something so fucking bad.

A little girl holding her dad's hand. I wish that was ever me, I wish I had that memory with my real dad.

A happy couple, laughing and smiling while looking at each other like they are so in love with each other. I look at Grace like she's my everything but she doesn't.

Walking down the streets, seeing a person sleeping on the side of the street, no blanket or comfortable place to sleep at. That was me at some point and I never had anyone or anything.

A family sitting together, eating and looking happy. I was like this with Courtney and her parents but there is still something missing...

There will always be something missing.

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