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Ellie's POV

"Okay so she's not gonna be able to walk for a while because she has a broken leg. We cleaned her and cut her hair, she's all good to go"

I smiled and crouched down, rubbing the puppy's head "you're gonna be okay buddy" I said then it hit me, what if the dog has an owner and I can't keep her? I want to keep her, I just feel like I can't leave her.

"But.." the doctor turned around and looked at me "..I found her on the side of the road, can I keep her?" The doctor sighed and shook his head, making me look down..feeling a little sad.

"But there is a big possibility that this dog doesn't have an owner. I'll call the police and if they find the owner then they take her, if they don't you'll be able to keep her" I smiled and nodded my head "okay, thank you"


"Miss Miller" I looked up and saw a cop with a woman standing next to him. I had the puppy in my arms, trying to keep her safe from anyone and anything.

The woman came towards me and tried to take the puppy but I didn't let her "how do we know it's her real owner?" I asked, not wanting to let her go.

The cop looked at the woman who didn't know what to say "I am his real owner" I laughed and shook my head, standing up "my little baby is a girl, her real owner would know that"

"I have a picture" she pulled her phone out and showed me a picture of her next to the dog. I frowned then noticed that the puppy looked hurt..

"Why does it look like my princess is hurt?" I asked, the cop looked at the picture and nodded "there's blood on her leg" he said looking at the woman for an explanation.

She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out of her mouth "okay ma'am, come with me" he said holding her arm and wanting to walk out of the clinic "but wait, can I keep her now?" I asked.

The cop smiled and nodded his head "yes you can but you gotta take perfect care of her, she's a very pretty puppy and deserves to be treated well after this..person treated badly" I nodded and looked down at the puppy, seeing her peacefully asleep in my arms "I will take good care of her.." I placed a kiss on her head making sure not to wake her up "..I won't let anyone hurt her"


I walked in the cabin, carrying Coco..the puppy in my arms. I thought Coco is a cute name for her.

"Hey" I looked at Grace and smiled "hey" I put Coco down, letting her walk but she had a little trouble, she can still walk just slowly.

Coco laid down on a carpet and slowly closed her eyes "you got her" Grace said. I nodded "yeah, turns out the owner isn't really a good person. She hurt my little princess"

Grace looked at me "I thought I was your princess" she said pouting a little. I laughed and stepped closer to her, placing my hands on her waist "you can both be my pretty princesses"

"I'm sorry for yelling at you before leaving. My heart was just aching for Coco and I didn't want her to keep hurting" Grace nodded and put her hands on my shoulders "it's okay, I understand. Seeing an animal in pain really hurts"

We both looked at Coco who was now sleeping "you know what hurts more?" I asked Grace, she looked at me and I looked back at her "that Coco isn't able to express her emotions or tell me that she's hurting. I never want animals to get hurt because we'd never know how they actually feel"

Grace frowned and her hands made their way to my cheeks "but there will always be that one person that cares so much for them, that everyone around them would know that they're happy without them having to say it"

"But what if they just are hurting from the inside? No one stays happy forever. I mean some can tell others that they're sad but some can't.." I said.

I don't think this is about Coco anymore, I'm just trying to explain to her what I go through without actually saying it to her because I'm scared of being vulnerable and I have trust issues.

I'm scared that someone will use the things I say while opening up against me. I only tell the people I trust the things I would have kept for myself till I died, if I tell anyone a big secret that means I really care for them and trust them.

The last time I said I lied about the whole thing of being jealous of her relationship with her dad and about being in foster care, it's because I realized that I'm telling someone that hated my guts things I've never told anyone other than Courtney meaning that she could've used that against me someday when I fuck up again so I decided to act like I made that up.

But the moment I left, I went somewhere alone and broke down in tears. I felt guilty for what I did to Grace, I felt guilty about her dad passing away, I felt guilty because I am the person that made her feel like she's not good enough.

I want to feel guilty, I want to live like this for a while so I can snap into my senses and at least satisfy her by being hurt as much as she was, this girl deserves the world and I would do anything just to be the person to make her happy.

But she has someone else..someone I'll never be.

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