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Grace's POV

I walked out of my room, the place being quiet since Courtney and Camila drank too much and are still dead asleep and it's 9am so I expect them to sleep for a bit more.

When I got to the end of the hallway of the rooms, I got to the living room and looked towards the opened kitchen to see Ellie smiling while tickling Coco's stomach.

"Hey" Ellie looked up at me and Coco looked at me too "good morning" Ellie said smiling while her hand rested on Coco's head, petting her softly.

"When did you wake up?" I asked sitting on the high chair in front of them "like 8. This pretty princess didn't like staying alone so she woke me up" Ellie said in a baby voice while looking at Coco. I will only accept baby voices for dogs or animals in general or maybe kids.

The microwave beeped so Ellie stood up and took the plate from it, sitting down and putting it in front of her.

She cut a small piece of he chicken with her hand and put it close to Coco's mouth which she eat immediately. Ellie smiled and cut another piece eating it herself.

"I bought you some puppuccino because you're a really good girl" Ellie said placing a kiss on the top of Coco's head, making me smile at how soft and gentle Ellie is with Coco.

She pulled out a small Starbucks cup and Coco stood up, her tail moving as she got excited from the sight of the whipped cream. Ellie laughed and put it down for Coco to eat which she did really quickly.

Coco got to the bottom of the cup and licked it then lifted her head up but the cup didn't fall and got stop to her head because it was a little tight around her head.

Ellie laughed and grabbed Coco, putting her in her lap and pulling the cup from her face. Coco's face had a little whipped cream so Ellie cleaned it then continued to eat her food.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked me. I smiled and nodded "yeah I did" we talked for a bit as Coco stayed in Ellie's arms, snuggling into her cutely as Ellie kept her arms around her to make sure she doesn't fall from her arms.

Not that it matters because I don't like Ellie but when a person is good with animals and treats them right it's unbelievably attractive for no reason but this has nothing to do with Ellie just a thing I like.

"Good morning" I looked towards Camila and smiled as she came towards me. She wrapped her arms around me from behind and placed a kiss on my cheek.

"Who's that?" She asked looking at Coco "my pretty princess" Ellie said, Camila looked at me for a little more explanation "we found her injured of the side of the road so Ellie took her to the vet and adopted her because her old owner didn't treat her right"

Camila nodded and went towards the puppy, wanting to pet her but Coco didn't let her and barked at her "rude" Camila said, Ellie laughed "Coco knows best"

"Shut up asshole" Camila came towards me again and wrapped her arms around me, resting her chin on my shoulder making me smile as she placed a kiss on my neck.

"How is my girl doing?" She asked. I smiled "I'm good.." I looked up seeing Ellie looking in between me and Camila, her jaw clenched "..how are you baby?" I asked trying to ignore Ellie.

"I'm good but I have a massive headache" I pouted making her laugh and lift her head up. I ran my fingers through her hair and started to slowly massage it "did you take some pills?" I asked.

She nodded and closed her eyes "yeah I did" I smiled seeing how much she liked me playing with her hair while massaging her head "I'm gonna take Coco for a walk" Ellie said standing up.

"But she can barely even walk properly-" Ellie cut me off "I'll just carry her around"

She carried Coco and walked out of the cabin.


Ellie's POV

There she was. Laughing and pouring drinks with my best friend, looking beautiful as ever. Her red hair in a messy bun with two strands of hair falling on her face, her perfect smile and adorable laugh.

"I see you looking at my girl" I jumped slightly, looking at Camila who was now standing beside me. I cleared my throat "I'm not looking at her"

She laughed and nodded, taking a sip from her bottle of beer "right. I was gonna ask if you wanna do something but whatever then" she wanted to walk away but I held her arm and turned her around "say it"

She smirked and walked towards me again, resting her hands on the table looking at Grace "I know you wanna touch her but your manners don't allow you because she has me" it's true, as much as I'd want Grace to be mine I don't want to make her cheat on someone with me.

"But what if she didn't cheat and you still got to touch her.." she got closer to my ear as I kept looking at Grace "..in so many different ways and I would let you, only if I was there"

Just imaging the things I can do to Grace is turning me on but wait..does she mean- she cut off my thoughts "and yes I mean a threesome"

"What if she doesn't want it?" I asked, not wanting Grace to do something that makes her uncomfortable. Camila laughed "we'll just ask her..babe-" I held her arm wanting her to stop from calling Grace but she pulled her arm away from me "come here for a minute" she said to Grace.

Grace put down the glass that had the smoothie she was making in and jogged towards us. I rested my elbows on the counter, my cheeks being hot and I tried to avoid looking at her.

I took a quick glance at them as Camila whispered it in her ear with her hand placed on her waist. I saw Grace's cheeks turn red and she shyly looked down "okay" she said quietly, rubbing her arm nervously.

I smiled and Camila placed a kiss on Grace's cheek, I would be pissed if Camila did this any other time but right now, all I can think about is Grace's body against mine again.

"Look at this" We all looked towards Courtney as she had Coco in her arms, snuggling into her "Coco seems to be liking me" Courtney said, looking down at Coco.

"I'm gonna go get her puppuccino" Courtney said running towards the door "but she had one this morning-" she cut me off and slammed the door after leaving "yeah I don't think she cares" I said making Grace and Camila laugh a little.

"Well since we're alone.." me and Grace looked at each other with a small smile on our faces "..shall we start?"

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