My Birthday Wish

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Y/N- okay.. you boys have fun.. I'm gonna look around as well..
*Steve and Bucky are looking through everything.. they find a record player, it looks to be from about the 40's and it's still in perfect condition.. Steve looks it over and realizes something*
Steve- Bucky! Come here.. *Bucky strolls over* I'm gonna lift this tell me if you see anything written in the bottom..
*Bucky nods and Steve lifts it.. Bucky looks down and then looks back up at Steve and smiles*
Steve- anything??
Bucky- Uhh yeah... it says Sarah Rogers..
*Steve smiles*
Steve- how?!
Bucky- well you "died".. they probably kept some of your stuff for the museums and the other stuff they probably sold..
*Steve looks it over and Bucky can tell that Steve is thinking about his mom*
Bucky- hey.. go ahead and get it..
Steve- I already have one..
Bucky- yeah.. this one.. I mean it's literally yours
*Steve laughs*
Steve- We don't have room..
Bucky- yeah we do or we will- look, don't worry about that..
*Steve gives him a look and then nods*
Steve- okay.. thanks Buck!
*Bucky smiles and then hands Steve his card*
Steve- What?- oh no! I can't-
Bucky- you can.. it's your birthday!
*Steve gives him a hug and then goes to buy the record player*
*Bucky shuffled through the vinyl and finds some original records and sets them aside.. you are looking around and you find and old rocking horse.. it was in perfect condition and and it was a beautiful wood color.. Bucky sees you eyeing it and he quietly gets the attention of an attendant.*
Bucky- I'm gonna buy that rocking chair.. I want you to go out a sold sign on it while that lady's looking at it.. *The attendant looks at Bucky like he's a asshole.. Bucky chuckles* that's my wife so she'll get it anyway.. *The attendant nods and does what Bucky asked*
Attendant- excuse me ma'am.. *He puts the sign down*
Y/N- oh... well that teaches me to be a little quicker.. may I ask who bought it?
*The attendant point behind you. You turn around and see Bucky smiling and leaning up against the door frame.. you push the stroller over and kiss Bucky*
Y/N- thank you Baby..
*Bucky smiles and rubs your back*
Bucky- so was that all you wanted or-
Y/N- we don't have room for anything else.. with this rocking horse Steve's gonna have to ride on the roof..
*Bucky laughs*
Bucky- you too.. will you and Stevie just trust me that I know what I'm doing.. *You laugh and shake your head. Bucky chuckles and kisses you.. he takes the stroller from you and pushes Grant around while you walk behind them*

*Bucky is pushing Grant around the store and you are just browsing.. all the sudden there is a pain in your side.. you grasp the door frame and take a breath.. you look up and no one is around*
Y/N- Shit... Winnie what are you doing in there.. *The pain happens again and stays for a couple minutes and then I disappears and doesn't happen again.. you take a couple deep breaths and keep walking* okay.. I'm just gonna say that was bad or something.. dear lord that hurt..
*You rub your belly and walk around*
Bucky- y/n!? Look at this old sled!!
*You laugh and stand behind Bucky.. you wrap your arms around him and kiss his back*
Y/N- and stop using Stevie's Shield?!? No way! *Bucky chuckles and Steve yells from an aisle over*
Steve- heard that! *You laugh and Bucky laugh*
Bucky- Nah we'd always use the shield but we can always have a real one!
*You smile and nod*
Y/N- okay.. go ahead!
*Bucky kisses you and high-fives Grant.. you find a little vintage baby rattle.. you give it to Grant and he goes to town with it.. you eventually take it away because it was too much.. he pouts and Bucky gives it back*
Y/N- really?!
Bucky- Yup! What my baby wants he gets!
*You roll your eyes and chuckle*
Y/N- what about this baby?? *You motion to yourself and Bucky laughs*
Bucky- we're going there next.. *Bucky smirks and kisses you.. He starts to walk away and you call after him in a hushed whisper*
Y/N- Bucky Barnes you are not taking me lingerie shopping on Steve's birthday outing..
*You look around to make sure no one hears you.. they didn't.. Bucky laughs and walks back over*
Bucky- of course not! That's an outing for my birthday.. *He winks* but we are going shopping for you.. don't worry I already told Steve and he's fine with it.. so put a pretty smile on that face and let me watch you walk away.. *He kisses your cheek and slaps your ass, you Yelp a little and you look around to make sure no one heard or saw.. one couple did and they just smile at you two.. you elbow Bucky and walk away like he asked.. he smirks and calls after you*
Bucky- hate to see you go but love to watch you leave!
*You blush as you walk past the couple from earlier.. Bucky laughs and waves at them and then strolls away with Grant.. the pain starts again and you just power through it*

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