Chapter 36

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At that time.

The Duke, Evan, was looking expressionlessly at his shoulder, which had been cut by a sharp lance, and frowned.

The grumpy boy as he called the emperor inflicted more wounds than he had promised. It might leave a scar.

He was never seriously wounded when he was on the warpath, but he got hurt in a match against the boyish emperor.

At the next imperial ball, the emperor would definitely make fun of his wound just to see him getting upset, he thought of that as he gritted his teeth.

However, for a moment, Evan, whose wound got roughly disinfected and bandaged, sat down in a simple chair.

Evan, let out a long sigh and rested his legs comfortably on the opposite chair, waiting for the servants to announce the second-round match.

But it was strange.

As time passed and the servants were nowhere to be seen he assumed that due to the capricious imperial weather, heavy snowfall must have occurred even on a sunny day like today.

Eventually, Evan, who was about to call the servants outside the tent because he was tired of waiting, shut his mouth at the sight of the person who had just walked into the tent.


“Come sit down, I’ll do a healing spell for you.”

For Evan, who was gifted with killing magic and not at all talented with healing magic or relaxation-related magic, her offer of healing magic was pleasant to hear.

However, the complexion of the person, who just said that she would cast the healing spell, wasn’t good. Evan said, looking at his wife, who seemed agitated.

“It’s not that big of a wound.”

“Don’t be silly. Don’t you want me to be the first person to cast a healing spell? Of course, you would want to be.”

Evan blushed and grumbled at the sight of Juliana pressing one of her hands against his wounded shoulder.

Half naked, he wasn’t ashamed at all, but only the sight of her made his skin slightly reddened.

It was a little unfair.

In other words, empress Ereina’s hometown was located in the distant part of the country close to the northern border of the Empire. The magic required to move a living horse in good condition from that place was not something that could be done in four days.

Juliana Auburn from the past would never have done it. Even if two or three wizards would put their mana into that kind of spell, they still wouldn’t be enough to pull it off.

However, things were different now.

The reason why it has changed-.

‘……it’s because my heart is shaken.’

Juliana admitted sullenly.

She didn’t want to get more involved with this handsome man before the real heroine appeared and laid the foundation for her beloved romance novel with the male lead Evan Hilcheon.

It certainly was two months ago.

On the day she woke up with a sound mind and regained her previous life’s memories.

But gradually her mind became weaker. The more she did, the more she felt like she was on the edge of the cliff.

She had no intention of jumping down the cliff, but Evan Hilcheon was threatening her to fall from that cliff in the most threatening way.

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