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As soon as I took a look at the note, I noticed some resemblance between the hand writing on it and the note on the brick. I couldn't assume it was him, but the way the letters were written was alike.

John walked to the security room with the old note, I put the two papers on the table and scanned them. They weren't similar like I thought they would be but the letters were inclined in some words. I had to gather more information without making Martin suspicious.

"I want Martin's files, bring me all the information about him. Everything" I ordered, he nodded. This Martin guy seems close with Maze so I'll have to ask her without making her worry.

On my way out of the security room, I was met with Max who was giving me a dirty look. I rolled my eyes and tried to walk past him.

I felt a hand grab my bicep and stop me from going further, I sighed and just looked in front of me.

"I know what you're doing, stop it now" he said between gritted teeth, I stayed quiet and tried to move but he still had a grip on my arm.

"I know you're playing with her feelings, you can't like her. She deserves better anyway" I yanked my arm and walked past him not looking back. I am being way to patient but I don't think it'll last for long, I'll end up putting his head in the toilet.

I roughly pushed the door open to room where I last left Maze.

"Hey! Where did you go in a hurry like that?" Maze asked, I gave her a smile and looked around if someone was there when I didn't find anyone I walked closer to her.

"No one is here" she smirked wrapping her arms around my neck, I leaned to catch her plump lips but she gently pushed me away.

"First, I wanna ask you something" she started, I raised a questioning eyebrow curiously waiting for her to finish her sentence.

"Well, since the gala is very close and I don't wanna go alone to that boring event, I'd like you to be my companion for the night" she had hope in her eyes, but also nervousness worried I might decline her offer.

"Did you think I'd let anyone be your escort but me, they won't live to see another day" I whispered kissing her lips.

Unknown pov

I watched as they kissed in the living room, feeling up on each other making my jaw clench. That should be me, that should be me touching Maze and kissing her not that filthy rat. I got down from the tree that's been my little hideout, I'd come here everyday and watch her do her things.

I had a perfect plan to get rid of Maze's bodyguard, I recently found out she had a little brother and a very sick mother. She has taken them to a better part of the city but what she didn't know is that I have found their new house.

I called one of the guys that work with me, I offered him a good amount of money to help me with this job.

"Hey Lucas I want you to find that brother of hers and pretend to be his friend. You know just make him help you with the drug deals and I'll take care of the mother" I ordered as I got in my car, I was going to pay her a little visit in the hospital since Dawn has being paying for her cancer treatment.


I walked to the receptionist and gave her my fake ID with Dawn's last name and pretended I was her brother.

"I'm here to see my mother please" I gave her the last name and she guided me to her room, I pushed the door open and walked in with a smile.

"Mrs Addams" the older woman was attached to a machine, she looked very sick and there was barely any hair on her head. She muted the Tv and smiled at me.

"How can I help you?" She said, I sat next to her and smirked.

"I'm here because of your daughter" her face fell and I could hear her heart beats start to pick up.

"W-what happened to my daughter?!" She asked in panic,

"Oh nothing has happened, yet... She's been a little pain in the ass lately. She's trying to steal my girlfriend from me, the girlfriend whom I've been following and loving forever, in a blink of an eye she showed up and ruined everything" I smiled, her eyes held confusion and worry at the same times.

"Oh don't worry she'll be fine, maybe. You on the other hand" I said standing up, I took an empty syringe from my pocket.

"You see Mrs Addams, this isn't an empty syringe. It is filled with air, when an air bubble enters a vein, it's called a venous air embolism it can travel to your brain, heart, or lungs and cause a heart attack or a stroke and everyone will think you died from natural causes." I explained, with a last smile and cries from the older woman I pumped the air in her vein.

"Goodbye Mrs Addams"

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