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I pulled her towards the room where her mom was being treated, she hesitated at first but I reassured her that everything will be okay.

We walked in to be met with an older woman with dark hair and a pale skin, her sleepy eyes were barely open. At the sight of her daughter, they shot open.

Her heart beats increased and her eyes started to water, she opened her arms and Dawn sadly walked next to her and threw herself gently in her mother's embrace.

The scene made me remember my deceased mom, whom I lost a few years ago. I miss her...

I heard someone clear their throat, and I looked at Dawn who had a worried look.

"Mom, this is Maze. My..." She stopped, and looked at me nervously.

"Girlfriend" I said with a small smirk, shaking the older woman's hand softly making sure not to hurt her.

The mom gave Dawn a small smirk and rolled her eyes at her daughter's red face. I know we're not girlfriends, yet. But I just wanna put that out there.

"Maze, meet my mom. Marissa Addams" she said softly kissing her mom's hand and held it on her lap. I noticed that Mrs Addams didn't say anything, she was quiet the whole time just listening to our conversation.

"I'm just a little tired sweetie" I finally heard her voice, it was so low and sleepy. They looked at each other like they were having a conversation, I should probably leave them to talk alone.

"I'll go get you some water Mrs Addams" I said politely, Mrs Addams nodded her head with a small smile like she was thanking me.

I left the room and went looking for a vending machine to buy a snack and a bottle of water. On my way to the elevator, I felt a cold breeze come out of nowhere and a pair of eyes staring at the back of my head. I stopped walking and turned to look behind me. No one was there, but the door to the staircase was slightly open. That's where the cold wind was coming from. I shrugged the weird feeling and went on my way.


"What happened mom?" I asked her, I know she didn't just get a heart attack out of the blue and I know someone has planned this.

"A week ago, a tall man in a black suit walked in my room..." She started, I stayed quiet and waited for her to continue.

"He had blonde hair, he was very pale with a blonde moustache and blue eyes. He looked so professional, I had no clue what he was here for until he started talking about you and how you ruined his relationship with his girlfriend" she coughed, and I gently rubbed her back. A white man, blonde hair, professional. Sound oddly familiar for some reason.

"He took an empty syringe and pumped air bubbles into my blood stream, causing a-..."

"-a heart attack" I finished, I was about to say something when the door opened with Maze holding snacks and water. I gave her a smile and she passed me the water bottle.

"Thank you dear" my mom said, Maze's cheeks reddened and she just nodded and sat on the couch quietly.

"Maze, is it?" Maze's head turned to look at my mom who had a small smile on her face.

"Is she a pain in your behind?" My mother asked, Maze chuckled and nodded.

"Yes, she's very annoying" they kept on talking about my bad habits and how rude I am to strangers and laughed at me. I just sat there and watched them make fun of me until a nurse walked in and told us visiting hours were over and we had to leave.

"It was very nice to meet you Marissa, get well soon" Maze shook my mom's hand with a smile.

"You too my dear. Stay safe out there"

I kissed my mother's head and told her I'll come see her again, I close the door behind us and went to the parking lot together.

"She's so sweet" I heard Maze say, I nodded with a relieved smile on my face. Thank God my mom is okay, I don't know what I would do if she died. I'll lose myself.

"Yeah she is" I opened the door for her and went to my side.

"Can you take me somewhere Dawn?" I gave her a questioning look,

"What do you mean?" I asked curiously, she held my hand on her lap and leaned her head back against the seat while staring at me.

"I don't know somewhere nice, somewhere peaceful" she said in a low voice, I nodded my head and kissed her palm driving towards our new destination.

A small chapter to make sure the mom is alright!!


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