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I took off my coat and out it around Maze's shoulder, I held her hand and gently pulled her towards a hill.

"Are we there yet?" She asked for the nth time, I laughed and shook my head no. I pointed to the top of the hill and she growled in frustration.

"Oh c'mon, I thought you were athletic" I looked at her body up and down and she flipped me. I laughed and stopped in front of her,

"I am nice enough to give you a piggy back ride" she giggled and jumped on my back. It took me forever to reach the top of the hill, Maze was smiling like a kid and I fell on my back breathing heavily.

"N-never a-again" I said making her laugh, her laughter stopped when she saw the view of the city. It was so quiet, you couldn't hear the cars or the loud noises. It was so quiet, I loved coming here to clear my mind from time to time.

"It's so beautiful" she whispered, I walked closer to her and just towered behind her. She noticed my presence and she pressed herself against my chest, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

"So do you wanna talk about what you said earlier?" I asked,

"Which part?" I heard her whisper, I turned her to look at me and smirked getting closer to her face.

"Girlfriend huh?" Her eyes widened and she tried to get away from my grip but we ended up tripping and she fell on me straddling my waist.

"I didn't say that" she said crossing her arms in front of her making her boobs move, I couldn't help but look at them and lick my lips. Picturing them in my mouth while we f-

"Hello!" she snapped her fingers in my face making me look up at her, at the rushing thoughts of her naked riding me, my crotch part started to get hard and I knew she could feel it.

"You perv" she said trying to get up but I flipped us so she was under me with her legs wrapped around me.

"As much as I wanna fuck you right here and right now, I don't want to get grass in my ass" she said pushing me away, I laughed and laid next to her. She laid her head on my shoulder and we watched the beautiful sky, it was a beautiful night lit by millions of starts. It looked so peaceful and so were our surroundings, matter of fact, our surroundings were too quiet.

I got up and looked around me for anything suspicious, but didn't see anything. Everything was normal, except this feeling that tells me that something was wrong.

"Dawn? What's that on your chest?" I looked at Maze who was sitting on the ground, I gave her a confused look. I looked down to see a small red dot slowly moving right to left, then it hit me. My eyes widened and ducked pulling down with me. The sound of gun fire was heard through the quiet place, I grabbed her hand and we ran down the hill towards the car.

I opened the door for Maze and she quickly got in, we were still getting shot, it sounded like sniper shots because they weren't fast. I ran to my side and turned the car on. I sighed in relief as we started moving, then I felt pain. I gasped and looked down to see blood, I didn't stop driving I kept going until we were back in the city in a safe. Maze didn't seem to notice, because she was curled up in her seat hiding her head. I parked the car and looked at her.

"M-maze..." I said, her head shot up, when she looked at me her eyes held horror and she unbuckled her seatbelt and opened my shirt to find the wound.

"No, no, no" she kept saying, she opened the glove box and looked for something to stop the bleeding, she found a Chamois leather that we use to clean the windows and put pressure on my side.

"You're gonna be alright Dawn" I saw her look for her phone as my eyes started to fall, and all I could focus on was Maze's calls.


I was running next to the doctor and Dawn's passed out body on the moving bed. They rushed her to the emergency room and wouldn't let me go any further.

I was shaking and I was barely function, my head started to hurt and my heart was still beating fast. I grabbed the phone with my bloody hands and called my dad.

"Hello! Dad! Please come to saint Peter's hospital, something happened to Dawn" I cried on the phone, I heard him shuffle around saying he'll be here soon.

An hour later, still no signs of the doctors.
My dad runs through the hospital doors, he was looking around for me with a worried look, when his eyes spotted me he ran my way and hugged me so tight.

"What is this?! Are you hurt?" He asked in a panicked voice. I shook my head no, I explained how me and Dawn were having a nice time at the hill when we started getting shot at. I told him how she saved my life and ended up getting shot on the side.

Just as I finished explaining the doctor walked out,

"How is she?!" My dad and I said at the same time, the doctor took his mask off with a small smile.

"She'll be fine, we took the bullet out of her side, she's a lucky one since her organs weren't damaged by it. She'll have to rest and take some pain killers until her side is better" she finished, I let out a breath of relief and hugged my dad crying on his shoulder. I was so scared, seeing her bleed in front of me like was so .... Terrifying.

"Another one" - Dj Khaled


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