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Ellie's POV

I was sitting on the bed, my back against the headboard as Grace sat next to me, Camila in the bathroom and we just didn't know how to start.

"So how's your day going?" I asked trying to break the awkward silence. She laughed and I looked at her, smiling to the fact that the cute adorable laugh was caused because of me.

I looked down at her pink lips then back to her eyes, wow she's pretty I thought to myself. She has always been so pretty but the closer you get to her, the prettier she gets.

"Are you guys just gonna sit there awkwardly?" We both turned our heads to look at Camila, I looked back at Grace who looked down playing with the ring I gave her nervously "are you sure you wanna do this?" I asked, putting my hand on her back to make sure she's okay with everything.

She looked at me and nodded her head "I do wanna do this, just a little nervous" I smiled and moved closer to her "come here.." I said pulling her closer to me to make her straddle me and she got what I meant, straddling my lap as my hands rested on her waist.

She looked back at Camila who just smiled. Grace took a deep breathe and looked back at me. I leaned in to kiss her but before our lips touched she stopped me, my forehead resting on hers "is Camila mad?"

I looked at Camila who started taking her clothes off "I don't think so" I placed a kiss on her cheek and backed away, feeling like she doesn't want to kiss me and I didn't want to force her to kiss me.

"You can turn to Camila if you want" I said seeing her being shy. Camila put her hand on Grace's back not letting her move "I like it from the back" Camila said, Grace looked at me and took her shirt off.

I smiled and took my shirt off. I felt Grace's hand on my area, rubbing me from out of my pants. I looked at her face to make sure she's comfortable, she was just smiling while her bottom lip was in between her teeth with her eyes looking down at my pants.

I flipped Grace and made her lay down. I stood up and took my pants off as Camila helped Grace strip out of her clothes.

I sat down on the bed again and Grace straddled my lap again, her fully naked body being visible to me. I moved down a little so I can lay my head on the pillow until she can do whatever she wants so I don't make her uncomfortable.

Grace wrapped her hand around my shaft and rubbed up and down slowly. I groaned lowly as her lips wrapped around my tip, sucking softly and gently.

I ran my fingers through her hair so I can move it from her face and look at her. So beautiful I thought while I admired her.

She stopped sucking on me and looked at me out of breathe, she smiled making me smile and rub her cheek "okay come on.." Camila pulled Grace's hair making her sit up, why so rough?

Grace held my shaft and moved closer to it, lifting herself up and slowly going down on it. I put my hand on her hip "it's okay, go slowly" she sighed and tilted her head back moaning in pain and pleasure.

Camila is kind of drunk so I hope she doesn't keep being rough with Grace unless Grace likes it, I don't know..I just don't want Grace to not feel good.

She let me go inside of her all the way through as she let out a few quiet moans that sound very beautiful..they also turn me on.

She was pushed hardly towards me, resting her hands on both sides of my head as I put my hands on her back "okay don't be this rough" I said to Camila, rubbing Grace's back but Camila didn't seem to hear me.

"Is she always like this?" I whispered to Grace. She shook her head "only when she's drunk" I nodded my head. I hope Camila doesn't have sex with Grace when she's drunk a lot.

Grace is a soft person, I'm guessing she has a time where she likes it gentle and a time where she likes it rough. If I got to spend more time with her I would figure out that but I hope Camila focuses on these things so Grace can always enjoy it.

"Is she gonna-" Grace was cut off by a loud moan escaping her mouth. I looked behind her to see Camila pushing herself inside of her "hey go slowly" I said rubbing Grace's back, Grace put her head in the crook of my neck "it really hurts"

"It's okay..it's gonna feel better in a bit" I said trying to comfort her. Camila started thrusting inside of her, making her move on me too which felt amazing.

Grace pulled herself up and started moving herself on me while loud moans got out of her mouth. Camila started kissing and sucking on Grace's neck as Grace tilted her head back in pleasure.

"You like having both of us inside of you hm?" Camila said to Grace who couldn't get any words out of her mouth, moaning the whole time.

"Such a slut" Grace frowned but still couldn't hold her moans back. I sat up and went to her other ear "you're such a pretty girl..you're doing amazing" I whispered in her ear which made her slightly smile.

"You're a whore for me" Camila said. I gripped Grace's waist feeling myself getting triggered by Camila right now because she's not getting that Grace's doesn't want to be degraded right now.

"You're a good girl..you're doing amazing love" I whispered in her ear. She put her forehead on my shoulder "I'm cumming" she said out of breathe as I felt her tightening around me.

She came and slowed down her movement but Camila didn't stop. Grace came again after a bit and was out of breathe.

"I'm so tired" Grace said her forehead still resting on my shoulder. I kept placing comforting kisses on her ear as I praised her to make her feel good about herself.

"Yes you can" Camila slapped Grace's ass which was the thing that just made me snap "stop being so fucking rough, Grace clearly wants you to be gentle"

"She's my girlfriend-" I held Camila's wrist and pulled her closer to me "stop right now. She's tired so we're gonna stop"

We started into each other's eyes and Camila stopped and pulled out of Grace. She stood up and looked at Grace who kept cuddling more into me, probably scared to look back at Camila.

"I'm gonna go get a drink" I nodded at what Camila said and she started putting her clothes back on, leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

I laid back down with my arms wrapped around her as I was still inside of her "you can get off of me love" I said. She got off and laid down next to me, putting her head close to my shoulder.

I covered us with a blanket and stayed silent "she's not normally like this even when she's drunk" I looked at Grace who had her eyes closed "she is rough when she's drunk but not like this. She asks for consent, she's rough but not this much..maybe I'm doing something wrong"

I shook my head "you aren't. If anyone is doing something wrong it's her. What she just did in front of me made me mad, whenever she does something like this you have to tell her to stop"

She laughed and got closer to me "that's the problem, I never get to the point where I can't make her stop and her not stopping scared me a little so thank you for telling her to stop"

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