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Narrator's P.O.V
Yn nodded and after she carefully placed Taehyung on the stretcher along with the paramedics, they quickly left the house and once Yn watched them drive away, she quickly ran into the hallway where the police were handcuffing Taehyung's mother and while they were taking her away, Yn ran passed all of them and towards Taeyung who was in Seokjin's arms with the boys surrounding him,

"Taeyung! Are you okay?!"

Yn asks worriedly as she came closer to the boys and instead of responding, Taeyung stretched his arms out towards her and Yn immediately scooped him up in her arms, as he immediately hugged her tightly while crying.

"Where's Taehyung?!"

Namjoon asked worriedly and Yn quickly said;

"He's on his way to the hospital."

At her words, Taeyung pulled back from their hug, looked at Yn and started crying even harder as he said in between sobs;

"I-Is Appa... d-dead?"

Immediately shaking her head, Yn quickly and reassuringly says;

"No, no of course not baby. Appa is just hurt but the doctors are taking care of him now, okay?"

Taeyung nodded and then said;

"I-I want to see him."

At his words, Yn looks over at the boys who nod at her and she smiles as she softly says;

"Alright, let's go."


- BIG TIMESKIP TO THE HOSPITAL (because we don't got time for Mama Kim's questioning and trail, we already know that bitch going to prison 🙄) -

- With Yn and Taeyun outside of Taehyung's hospital room -

Yn's P.O.V
Before we could go inside Taehyung's room, the nurse had a talk with us first;

"Now remember, Mr. Kim just got done with his surgery a couple of hours ago and has just woken up. If he feels tired or looks like he needs rests then you two must leave."

"I understand, thank you Ma'am."

I softly say as I hold Taeyung's hand and he nods while smiling at the nurse, who nods at us before leaving,

"You ready to see your Appa baby bear?"

I whisper and he nods happily as makes his way towards the door and I smile as I grab the door handle, slowly open the door and there was Taehyung in bed with bandages over his arms and legs, the sight made me frown but before I could say anything Taeyung ran up to him and excitedly said;

"Appa! You're alive!"

His cute outburst made Taehyung start laughing as he watched Taeyung climb onto the bed and starts saying;

"Eomma and I were so worried! Oh Appa! I called her while.. you and grandma were fighting and she and my uncles came! And at first I was scared when the police showed up to but after Uncle Yoonie said it was okay then I felt safer and.."

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