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"I lost my mind...
I don't mind... Where's
my mind?"

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Ikaris looks to Sprite who angrily glares at the back of his head. "I did what I had to do Sprite. She was going to hurt the others if I didn't do something."

Sprite shakes her head and says "The illusion was working. She might have remembered everything if you didn't step in when you did."

He sighs and I stir. I look around confused and mutter "You guys just fucking kidnapped me."

Kingo laughs and Karun says "That's a first."

Ikaris says "We didn't kidnap you. Quit being dramatic."

I scoff and sit up. "Well, It sure as hell looks like it. I know karate. I can go full on kung fu panda on your ass,"

I narrow my eyes at him and do the I'm watching you eyes. I continue talking "So you guys are what lab rats or something? How'd you shoot lasers from your eyes tough guy?"

I look to Ikaris and he says "You don't remember shooting cosmic energy through your hands?"

I shake my head and say "So, did you drug me or something? I've never done ecstasy before. Is that what I'm on? Am I on drugs? Oh my god Sarah had this on her bucket list. If I did this without her she's going to make me go sky diving with her. You so kidnapped and drugged me. She can't blame me for having drugs in my system if you forced me to take them.. My friends a lawyer she'll sue you. Sarah will come after you...I know loads of people and-"

Kingo laughs loudly at his phone and says "Your hot friend just texted me!"

I look to him and say "What?"

"I gave her my number."

"She just let you take me!?" I say pissed off.

Sprite sets a bottle of tequila down on the table infront of me and I look up to meet her eyes. She grins and I nod "I already like you."

She pours and we start drinking. I say "Wait. How old are you?" She huffs and says "Too old for you to ask me that question."

I narrow my eyes at her and say "Okay. But if you're playing me we blame laser pointer over there." I nod my head towards Ikaris and she laughs.

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