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Grace's POV

"Do you want me to leave?" I looked at Ellie and shook my head "can you stay for a little? I don't wanna be alone" A huge smile formed on her face "I'd love to"

I looked at Ellie who kept her hands over her stomach, looking at the ceiling. When Camila asked me if I wanted to do this, something in me really wanted it because of the fact that Ellie is able to touch me without it being cheating.

The first time me and Ellie had sex in was the best ever, not only with her but generally the best sex I ever had.

But today, she really showed that she cares about me and that she wants me to be happy. Maybe it's because she likes me and wants to show me that she's better than before but she really cares about what I want and what I don't want.

I didn't want to turn around and face Camila, I wanted to face Ellie and keep my body towards her. I didn't want to stop Ellie from kissing me, I wanted her to kiss me until my last breathe. I didn't want Ellie to think I was uncomfortable or shy with her, when I'm around her I'm the most comfortable in my entire life. I didn't want to have a threesome, I just wanted Ellie to touch me.

I wanted it to be just me and Ellie, that's it but I knew I couldn't have that while I'm with Camila and I don't want to cheat.

I really thought I would enjoy it until Camila started to degrade me, to spank me, the things I didn't want for today at least.

But Ellie..her praising, soft kisses, back rubs, comforting hugs, that made up for everything that Camila did.

I wasn't forced to have a threesome, even though it kind of looked like I was but I just didn't want Camila to be mad at me for anything I do, I really wanted to have sex with Ellie or just have my body against hers and when she asked me for that I got really excited but I tried to hide it.

Now looking at Ellie who didn't move her hands or do anything, I realized how I should be treated by Camila but it's also on me. I haven't been giving Camila a lot of attention maybe she wants that.

"You okay?" I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled, nodding my head "yeah I'm okay" I said to Ellie who's now looking at me.

"Do you want me to talk to Camila about what happened?" She asked. I shook my head "no, I promise I'm fine. I'll talk to her"

She nodded and looked back at the ceiling. I bit my lip and put my hand on her stomach, moving it down to her dick slowly.

I touched her tip gently, looking at Ellie's face again to see her biting her lip. I smiled and palmed her tip, wanting her to get hard again.

I held her shaft and rubbed her, she got hard immediately after I palmed her tip. I rubbed up and down her shaft "you don't have to do-" I looked up at her and cut her off "shut up, I want to"

"Isn't Camila gonna get mad?" She asked, her arm wrapping around my shoulder "hopefully not since she gave me consent to have sex with you today"

"Yeah when she's around" she added, groaning lowly "do you want me to stop?" I whispered in her ear, she closed her eyes "no.." she said making me smile and move the blanket from over us "..but you have to stop"

She held my wrist and pulled my hand away from her. She turned to look at me and placed a kiss on my forehead "I'm gonna go" she stood up and put her clothes back on, looking back at me "I'll see you in a bit?"

I nodded "yeah you will" I said, sitting up. She smiled and nodded, leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

Ellie's POV

It was my chance to have an alone time with Grace but I don't want her to be the bad guy and cheat nor do I want to be the person she cheats on Camila with because at some point I have to get used to Camila.

I closed the door and sighed, putting my head back on the door and hoping that Grace isn't embarrassed from me doing that because I didn't mean to embarrass her, I really wanted her to keep touching me but I just can't let her.

I looked back at the door and went to the kitchen, to see Courtney and Camila talking. I looked at the glass door that was opened, I looked around "where is Coco?" I asked, feeling my heart start to beat faster "she's in your room, calm down"

I sighed in relief and nodded "can you go check on her please?" Courtney nodded and walked towards my room.

I sat in front of Camila "listen about what just happened-" she cut me off "I should've been more gentle, I know that"

"Then why were you so rough? She wanted you to be gentle" I said calmly. She looked down "I-" she didn't even get to finish as she looked towards the hallway, Grace coming towards us with a small smile on her face.

I smiled at her but she kept her attention on Camila which made my smile die as I looked down at the table.

I looked up to see Grace placing a kiss on Camila's cheek, Camila fake smiling as she looked towards me "what do you guys wanna have for dinner?" Camila asked.

"Anything" me and Grace said together. I smiled at her but she just glared at me, I'm so sorry Grace I really wanted to apologize but I feel like I don't have to for stopping her from cheating or maybe I do have to apologize. I don't know.

Camila stood up so she can go ask Courtney what she wanted and Grace wanted to walk outside. I stood up and held her arm, turning her around "I'm sorry Grace, for whatever made you..hate me again"

"I never stopped hating you Ellie"

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