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Dawn was doing great, it's been a week since she's been shot and today was her last day at the hospital, she can finally go back to work. I missed our little times together even though I come see her everyday it's not the same when we're alone at the house.

I had to go to my dad's company first before heading to the hospital and on my way to the elevator I was met with Martin.

"After you" he said as I walked in the elevator, I nodded. I honestly wasn't in the mood to talk to him so I just smiled and stood there in silence.

"So..." He started, I side eyed him waiting for him to continue. He put his hand through his blonde hair and smiled.

"I heard your bodyguard was shot, I hope she's alright" what he said weirded me out a little because the only people who know about Dawn's accident is me, dad and Max and my brother doesn't come to the company nor does he know Martin to tell him. I played it cool and just nodded.

"She's going to be alright, don't worry" he said as the door opened, I quickly walked out but he was quick to follow me and grab my wrist.

"Are you in a hurry because I need to talk to you" I gave him a fake smile and yanked my arm away, if Dawn was here she would've broke your teeth, I said to myself.

"Yes indeed, I am in a hurry" I huffed in annoyance, I heard him mumble something but I was already far to know what it was exactly.

I drove to the hospital and went straight to Dawn's room, I walked in to find the boy from the other day sitting next to her bed.

"Hey" I said, he smiled and stood up. Dawn's face lit up and she patted the spot next to her for me to sit.

"Maze this is my brother Milo" she introduced him, oh now I can see the resemblance. We engaged in small talk and I came to learn that he was a senior in highschool.

"Are you excited to leave this place?" I asked her, she nodded and pushed herself up to sit.

"I am done with the hospital food, it's so disgusting. It's like eating burnt spaghetti or rusted noodles..." I gave her a weird look questioned how the hell she knows what rusted noodles tasted.

"Don't even ask how I know that" she shook her head in disgust and I helped her up to her feet. She was already dresses with her casual clothes and the nurses was in the room with a wheelchair.

"The gala is next week and I hope you're good because I can't go without a partner" I tried to lighten the mood as we drove back to my house. My dad said he'll be there to talk to me about something important and I was getting nervous.

"Yeah don't worry love, I'll escort and even dance with you if you're interested" she smiled, I'm glad she's okay I don't wanna know what I've done if she died.

"Hi dad" I walked inside the house and my dad was pacing around looking as nervous as he can.

"Hi sweetheart, Dawn" he nodded at Dawn and smiled. He was sweating and I didn't know why, I've never seen him like this before. Something must be wrong.

"What's wrong?" I asked him, we walked to the couch in the living room to sit while my dad poured himself a drink.

"I just got informed that Mr. Kim will be coming to the gala next week" he started, I looked confused not knowing exactly who's this Mr. Kim or what he has to do with my dad's behavior.

"And who is this guy?"

"He's from a Korean mafia, he's also a huge business man. I don't know why he was added to list..." He kept looking at Dawn who wasn't paying attention to us, she was deep in her thoughts. He knows something and he's not telling me.


"I just want you to be more careful in the gala since you're the main person. He might I don't know want to talk to you and drag you into some shit" he explained, why would this guy talk to me. My dad is the CEO, he should be concerned about this not me. I just nodded my head not wanting to talk more about this.


Kim? Why is this name giving me a weird feeling? Where do I know it from? A lot of people have that last name it couldn't be him, no way. He's not a businessman, he's not a mafia boss. Then why was I thinking about him.

"Dawn?" Maze's voice woke me up from my daze, she was looking at me worried. I just smiled at her and walked closer.

"I'm alright baby just nervous" we were getting for the gala, we had to be there early. I was ready but Maze still had her dress unzipped. I walked behind her and zipped it, I kissed her exposed neck.

"You look beautiful" I whispered, she blushed and leaned against me.

Let's get this over with....

Drama is gonna start soon....
Hope you're ready!

Ps: Dawn's outfit for the gala in media


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