Chapter- 49

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Evan's POV

"So when do you want to go for cake tasting?" I asked, stepping out of the closet. I looked up to see her sitting on the bed, her face in her hands.

"Brae?" She took her time in raising her head and I was met with her tear stricken face.

"Why are you crying?" I wiped the tears with my thumb but that seemed to make her more emotional as fresh tears rolled escaped her eyes.

"Tell me what happened." I sat down on my knees in front of her and kept my hands on her thighs.

"I have already bought my wedding dress." She said in a quavering voice like that would make everything clear.

"And that's bad because?" Her eyebrows furrowed even more at this question.

"I won't fit in it." She mumbled with quivering lips.

"Of course you will. They are going to alter it according to your size." I couldn't quite understand the problem. I mean alterations were a thing, right?

"No, I won't!" She snapped all of a sudden.

"I'm getting fat and by the day of our wedding I'll not be able to fit in the wedding dress." She stood up and started pacing across the room.

"But our wedding is next week only." I stood up too. My sentence probably had something terribly wrong in it because her head snapped towards me in a fraction of second.

"You don't understand, next week is a long time and I'm always hungry. I always want to eat something or the other." I just looked on, not sure what to say. It was actually true that since the last few weeks she had grown a large appetite and had been hungry most of the time but she hadn't grown that much like she was making it sound.

"Like right now I want to eat something." She said, placing a hand on her stomach.

"What do you want? Should I get the ice cream for you?" I asked, already heading towards the door.

"Oh my God! You aren't even listening to me, are you?" I was stupefied at her sudden accusation. I had just offered to bring her ice cream, right?

"Of course I am listening to you." I explained, totally confused of what was happening.

"Then how can you say that? I just told you that I'm getting fat and you're offering ice cream!" She said in an accusatory tone.

"I'm sorry." I apologized almost immediately.

"Then what should I bring you?" She seemed to think about it.

"The last piece of cheesecake is in the fridge." She went and sat back down on the bed while I dumbly stared at her. She snapped at me not seconds ago for offering ice cream and now she asked for cheesecake? Her mood swings were giving me major whiplashes.

"What?" I blinked twice before shaking my head.

"Cheesecake. I'll bring you the cheesecake." Saying this, I rushed out of the room before she would again change her mind.

Braelyn's POV

I smoothened the invisible creases in the dress while scrutinizing my whole appearance again and again. The wedding came sooner than I had imagined and my hormones weren't really helping my mood. On top of that with each look in the mirror my nose seemed to get more ugly.

"You look perfect." Cora looked at me through the mirror while I just passed her a nervous smile. That's the best I could do considering the ever rising nervousness in me. She sighed and came closer before turning me around by the shoulder.

"Take a deep breath." I inhaled deeply with her before gulping.

"I'm nervous." I blurted out the obvious.

"Don't be. Everything will be fine. I won't leave your side until you have completed your vows." I appreciated what she said but somehow that didn't ease my restlessness. I just wanted to hug Evan and make sure everything will be fine.

"I know." Cora smiled at me once more before I felt like I heard Evan's. I wasn't sure if I was imagining his voice but looking up at Cora's face I knew I wasn't hearing things.

"Why do I hear him?" Just then Brielle walked in looking slightly stressed.

"Evan wants to meet you. Like right now." I felt like I couldn't be more happy. He was just the person I needed right then.

"Let him in." She frowned at my words.

"Brae, but you're not allowed to—" I cut her off.

"I want to see him once to calm myself down, please." Cora gave Brielle a nod before giving my shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"Okay, we'll be right outside." As soon as they left, Evan came in. On looking at me, he abruptly stopped in his steps before slowly walking towards me. He was staring at me long enough to strip away the little remains of confidence that I had left in me.

"You—you look—" He stammered, fishing for probably a less blunt compliment while his eyes were still on me.

"I knew it. This doesn't look good on me does it?" Now I felt like I should have chosen the sweetheart neckline dress that Rose had suggested.

"I was going to say you look fucking beautiful!" I sealed my lips completely and just stared at his face. He didn't look like he was joking, though. Realizing that he actually meant it, I let a smile fall upon my lips.

"And you are looking hotter than ever, you know?" I said, stepping closer and he honestly was. I always found his clean shaved face extremely hot. It defined his jawlines better.

"And I'm more nervous than ever, you know?" He ended with a nervous chuckle. Seemed like I wasn't the only one on the edge.

"I feel the same. I just wanted to see you." I wrapped my hands around his waist and immediately felt him relax in the hug.
"Yeah, I knew talking to you would really help." I heard him sigh. We stayed like that, enjoying the warmth of the embrace.

"Evan, I know this is all too similar to our last time. You, waiting at the altar for me and everything but I promise—" I pulled away to look at his face.

"—no matter what we are getting married today." He looked into my eyes and nodded with me. His thumb gently grazed my cheeks.

"And by the night we will be on our honeymoon, kissing in the bubble bath, drinking champagne." I let out a small chuckle at his words. We were assuring each other and it was helping. I felt better than minutes ago.

"We will be happy." This time it was my turn to nod.

" This time it was my turn to nod

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