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Grace's POV

"How did it go?" I asked Ellie when I saw her mom leave the house. She turned around with a huge smile on her face "it was..amazing. It just made me so happy, I mean she loves me..that's enough for me"

She sat down on the couch and I sat down next to her "Ellie I have to tell you something" she looked at me and her smile died, she looked concerned and worried "are you okay? Did anything happen?" She asked putting some hair behind my ear and rubbed my cheek after.

"Yeah I'm okay" I said laughing, putting my hand over hers so she wouldn't pull away "I wanted to tell you that I have fe-" we were cut off by a loud sound of something hitting wood, we both looked towards the door it came from.

"What was that?" Ellie stood up and I did too. She walked in front of me and opened the door, seeing what's inside then immediately closing it "what was it?" I asked, she laughed "don't worry about it" she said coming towards me, wanting to turn me around to walk away but I refused to move.

I walked past her and opened the door just to see Camila and Courtney getting dressed "listen Grace, it's not what it looks like-" I shook my head as my eyes filled with tears "what is it then?! Are you like trying clothes on or something?! It's exactly what it looks like"

"What did I do wrong?" I asked calmly, letting a tear fall down my cheek. Camila wanted to come close to me but I put my hand up, stopping her "at least just break up with me, not cheat and make me feel like I was doing something wrong"

I turned around and looked at Ellie "and you, were you gonna like walk me out so I never see this? So I would stay with someone who's fucking someone else?" She kept looking down "you know I was gonna tell you I have feelings for you before we came here!" I yelled.

She looked up at me in pure shock "really?" I nodded my head "yes for fuck's sake. I needed to stop denying everything" Ellie smiled slightly and stepped closer to me "but right now I don't know what I want"

"You were cheating on me too!" Camila yelled, I looked at her and laughed "I wasn't gonna fucking kiss her or fuck her. I was gonna tell her that then come talk to you after hearing what she said"

"You probably kissed her. I see the way you guys are together" she yelled, I shook my head "don't turn this on me Camila. I never kissed her, I turned everything down because I was with you. I didn't want to be a cheater..anyways this is done, it's over"

I finished what I was saying then walked outside to the backyard. I walked into the woods trying to find somewhere alone to stay at "Grace!" I heard Ellie calling my name but I didn't turn around.

I felt her hold my arm and turn me around "let me go Ellie" I said trying to shake myself out fo her grip but she pinned me against the tree making sure not to hurt me as she pinned both of my hands above my head.

Our bodies were touching and our faces were inches away from each other. I was breathing heavily as I looked down at her lips while she did the same "I really wanna kiss you Grace"

"Then kiss me" she smashed her lips onto mine with her head tilted to the side to deepen the kiss. I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her even closer to me as our lips moved perfectly in sync.

The things I'm feeling right not are unexplainable. I feel alive, I feel good, I feel safe, I feel...loved.

We pulled back from the kiss and looked into each other's eyes "maybe you were a little hard on Camila" she said laughing, I laughed a little "she did cheat but I..messed up too. I like someone else while dating her but it just took me a while to realize"

"So damn long" she said making me laugh. We went silent again "can we take things slow? I just got out of a relationship and I don't want to mess this one up" Ellie smiled and nodded her head, placing her forehead on mine "anything for you my love but let's go back so you guys can talk and solve things, okay?"

I smiled and nodded "okay"

A/N:okay maybe I'm done torturing you guys

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