You Are Not Playing Fair Mr. Barnes

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*You and Steve walk back inside and down the hall.. he stops in front of your door*
Steve- Goodnight y/n.. *He hugs you and kisses your head.. you hold him tight*
Y/N- Goodnight Steve.. *You start to cry* thank you
Steve- For what?
Y/N- for being there for me when I need someone the most.. you didn't have to be..
*Steve smiles*
Steve- I am so glad that you came into my life..
*You hum in agreement and then you two part ways*

*you slip into the room and you see Bucky still awake reading. The book choice tonight is Chronicles Of Narnia, you smile and walk over. That's when you realize he's basically naked, he's in nothing but his boxer briefs.. you chuckle.. he smiles at you and you take the book out of his hands.*
Y/N- you are not playing fair Mr.Barnes.. *He smiles and hums in response* you know what it does to me when I see you all relaxed and reading.. exercising that old man brain of yours.. *You tease and Bucky laughs*
Bucky- sorry.. I forget my natural sex appeal sometimes *He teases back*
*You climb in bed and snuggle up against him*
Y/N- Mmhmm
*Bucky smiles and holds you close*
Bucky- your appointment is early tomorrow.. *You hum in response... your eyes start to flutter closed* so I'll wake you up and then I'll get Grant.. okay? *You smile a little bit you are almost asleep.. Bucky smiles and rubs your back* we're gonna have amazing make up sex tomorrow if your doctor says we can.. *He gets no reaction out of you.. he chuckles and kisses your head... you mutter*
Y/N- only if you're good..
*Bucky chuckles and closes his eyes.. you both drift off to sleep*

*You wake up and you see Bucky.. he looks so damn sexy and cute.. as soft and sweet. You are so turned on and you want to take this sweet soft man to his knees.. You kiss his chest.. he smiles and opens his eyes.. he pulls you on top of him.. and you grind against him*
Bucky- Mmhmm Baby.. we shouldn't-
Y/N- shhhh *You smirk* I've got you baby..
*You don't know why but you wanted to absolutely wreck Bucky in this moment.. or maybe tease him relentlessly... the thought of him moan and gasping as he climbs higher.. holding your hips and begging for a release.. it makes you wet just thinking about it... you grind against him and his hands shoot to your hips.. he holds you tight as he ruts against you*
Y/N- Mmhmm you look so pretty Kitten..
Bucky- oh ssshhit!! Mmhmmm yes!!
*Your alarm goes off for you to get ready to leave.. you chuckle and stop your movements.. Bucky looks up at you and gasps*
Bucky- well don't stop now!!
*You give him an evil grin*
Y/N- sorry baby.. gotta get ready for the doctor.. maybe we can finish this *You bring against him* later.. *You kiss him and climb off.. you start to get ready and Bucky is still shocked.. he has to jump in the shower to calm himself down and then he gets ready to leave as well*
Bucky- that was mean.. *He nibbles your ear* and I'll get you back princess.. *You moan and smile* sorry... I should have said Bunny.. and you should be worried because your wolf is starving.. *That made your stomach drop and you started to rethink your dominant episode this morning.. Bucky pulls you along with him*

*You head to the doctor early so you can back before Grant wakes up.. Steve and Nat listened for him just in case.. your doctor confirmed that it was false labor and you should only be concerned if the pain starts to happen like clockwork every 10 minutes.. Because of how you teased Bucky earlier you knew you were gonna get it later.. you asked Bucky to step out for a moment and that's when you asked the doctor about the safety of having sex. She said she had no worries and that you and Bucky should be able to resume your normal activities.. You were scared that's what she'd say so you decide to fib just a little and tell Bucky that you needed to hold off on any vigorous activities for at least a month, just as a precaution*
Bucky- okay... but what did she mean by Vigorous?! We only know vigorous!
*You laugh*
Y/N- what she means is no extra stress.. *You smirk, lean over, and tease Bucky's thigh* No edging or denying me.. No punishments... no teasing.. *You move to palm him through his pants.. he clears his throat and shifts in his seat.. he focuses on the road* but I can do all of that to you.. *You nibble on his ear* All. Day. Long..
*Bucky moans and then smirks*
Bucky- live it up baby girl.. but sooner or later you'll be at my mercy.. *He smirks at you and pulls into the compound... for some reason he thinks your hiding something*

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