Chapter 60- fate

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Alexander smiled widely. "You heard me. Would you die for my daughter?"

Ember let go of Fred and glanced between them both a couple of times before staring at Fred. "Freddie, don't answer that question"

Fred furrowed his brows at her.

A loud smash could be heard from the bottom of the stairs making Alexander anxious.

"Answer the question!", her father shouted getting impatient quickly.

Ember stepped in front of Fred and grabbed onto his shirt. "Fred, listen to me. Do not answer the question!"

"Why??", he asked staring at her wide-eyed. He had a gut feeling something bad was going to happen whether he answered the damn question or not.

"Answer. The. God. Damn. Question!"

Ember stepped away from Fred running her fingers through her hair feeling the overwhelmingly amount of anxiety tug at her heart.

"Yes! Of course I would die for her!", Fred yelled.

Her father shook his head. "This is such a waste"

Fred felt sweat drip down his back. "What's a waste?"

Alexander rose his wand towards Ember, "Flipendo!", he whispered.

Fred's heart stopped knowing he wasn't in reach of her. He watched as Ember was hit by the jinx knocking her back against the railing. The jinx was so strong in fact that the impact of her back hitting the railing instantly broke the railing making her slowly fall off the astronomy tower.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Fred lunged forward hoping to catch her hand, but it was all too late.

His mind went right back to that night. That night where he couldn't do anything but watch her die. He hated himself ever since that night. He couldn't do anything, he couldn't save her. He had wanted to die right there with her.

Fred stepped to the edge of the tower hoping it all wasn't real. But there she was still falling. He seen her frightened face, her tears strolling down her cheeks.

He let the wind take him.

Fred stepped off the edge. He felt the cold wind run through his fiery hair and hit his face. Tears ran from his eyes like rain from clouds in a storm.

He didn't even have to think before deciding to die with her. That's all that he wanted when she was stabbed that night, all he wanted was to just be with her. He told her that he was never going to leave her, he intended to keep that promise.

Fred reached out his hand as he fell for Ember to take it. Since he was much heavier than her he was able to make it to where her fingertips just barely grazed his hand giving him the opportunity to get ahold of her.

He clung onto her and held her into his arms. Through all the loud wind ringing in their ears they were still able to hear each other's cries and sobs as they fell to their death.

Ember buried her head into his chest happy that she wasn't going to die alone. He felt the same way.

They were both terrified of dying. Neither of them knew what was going to happen or what to expect. Of course they thought about it but they both thought that they would have more time to come to terms with dying.

They held each other as tight as humanly possible knowing the ground was inching closer to closer. At this point their eardrums were numb from the cold and the wind, but before they hit the ground they both were able to say the last thing that they were thinking. I love you.


Lee skipped down the corridor with his bottle in hand laughing at one of George's stupid jokes. "That one was good"

"Ought to tell that one to Freddie, eh?", George laughed.

Lee continued to skip towards the stairs but slipped right on his face smashing the bottle onto the ground as he fell.

Ginny fell to her knees laughing so hard. "Oh that just made my day!"

George walked over laughing as well but to also help up his friend. He looked over to what Lee had slipped on and noticed melted ice cream all over the beginning of the stairs.

"What the fuck", George whispered helping Lee stand up.

"My bottle!", whined Lee.

Ginny ran over not laughing anymore. "Is that Fred and Ember's ice cream?"

"And there's their spoons!", noticed Harry pointing towards their silver spoons sitting on one of the higher up steps.

Hermione's heart began to race. "Do you think something happened?"

George smirked at them. "Something as in shagging?"

A high pitched, blood curdling scream rang through that part of the castle coming from the astronomy tower.

All of their hearts stopped. No one said anything, but they instead raced up the stairs past the melted ice cream. They practically flew up the stairs with chills on their spines due to the scream, they had heard nothing like it.

George was the first one to the top of the stairs to see a dark wisp of shadow fly off of the tower into the sky. "Shit!"

Ginny ran right up behind him. "What!?!?"

"I think that was a death eater"

Hermione caught her breath as she made it up. "Where are they?"

They looked around to see no one. It was beyond silent. They heard the wind gusts swarm in the air along with the rustle of the trees leaves sway amongst one another, but nothing else. It made them all have a sick feeling.

"Freddie?!?!?", shouted George.

"Ember!?!?", shouted Neville.

"Maybe they didn't come up here at all", suggested Lee actually terrified.

Ginny stared at the broken railing making her heart freeze. "Was that always broken?"

George's knees went weak. "No . . ."

They both cautiously walked towards the edge. They glanced at each other before looking down. Their stomachs instantly flipped and their hearts immediately crushed into millions of tiny pieces.

Ginny stepped backwards and fell to her knees almost immediately sobbing her head off. "NOOOOOOOOO!"

George stared down off the tower. Tears fell off his jaw as he turned around to face his group of friends.

Hermione knelt down and hugged onto Ginny bawling her head off with her knowing exactly what she had seen. It didn't take much intelligence to put it all together.

Neville covered his hand over his mouth and sat down on the stairs and silently cried.

"PLEASE NO NO NO NO NO NO!", Ginny cried not being able to breathe.

George slumped against the wall and slowly inched down to sit. The boys stared at him not knowing what to do as the shock entered their bodies. George stared up at them while hot tears ran down his red cheeks, "They're dead"

Fred and Emberlynn laid at the bottom of the tower holding each other. They clung to one another's body even as they had hit the ground.

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