Getting a Pet

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[Word count: 1415 words]

Ethan's POV 

I wake up to my alarm and groan at the bright sunlight. 7:45 am. 

Tossing my blanket to the side, I get up and walk to the kitchen to make myself some coffee and drink it quickly before hopping in the shower and getting ready for work. 

I work as an assistant manager. I had originally come in as an intern but the work fit and the employer understood the dilemmas of a college student who works. 

It is not the best thing; to work from 9 am to 2 pm and attend college later but I like the sense of being independent. 

After getting out from the shower, I put on a white shirt and black dress pants before doing my hair messily. 

All this took about 40 minutes and I was ready by 8:25 am. It will take me around 20 minutes to reach the work so I decide to make my bed and then pass some time by scrolling through social media. 

The internet was full of Thanksgiving preparations and suddenly, it occurred to me. 

It is her birthday in 5 days! 

Mallow's birthday is just around the corner, on 20th November. 

I have yet to get her a gift. Or even think about what the possible gift could be. 

I invest my time in thinking about what the gift could be until it's almost time for me to leave. 

Time skip [25 minutes (9:00 am)]

I sit in my office and ask for Violet, the receptionist, to get me another coffee. 

Caffeine isn't the healthiest way to cope with the crushing realization of the fact that I am alive but nobody would say that when they have to wake up before 8 am every day. 

While sipping on my coffee and filing some paperwork, I think of the conversation we had had a few days ago. 

Okay, I thought about the things we did a few days ago but while tracing it back to where it started from, I realized she had said she wanted a pet. 

After debating with my own self for a while about if I should get her a puppy or not, I come to the conclusion that I should ask someone before taking a decision. 

Time skip [2 hours (11 am)]

The bell for the lunch break finally rings and I get out of my office and go to the restaurant where I always did with my friend, Zach. 

He is a fun guy, in his late 20s and worked as the supervisor of the sales department. 

"Ethan, my man, what are you thinking about?" Zach asks me, snapping me out of a very personal monologue. 

"Oh, nothing, just wondering about what to get my...Mallow, what to get her," I reply, pausing for a while to find the right word but find none. 

"Who?" he questions which makes me roll my eyes. 

"Do you ever even listen to what I am telling you?" I ask, clearly annoyed. 

"Jeez, is that the girl who you keep talking about all day?" he teases. 

"You know, your stupidity makes my head ache," I comment. "But yes, that's her." 

"You might have mentioned it once or twice, or everyday for the past 6 months," he very annoyingly says. "Why have I not seen your girlfriend yet? What kind of a best friend would I be if I didn't make sure you, my dear, are not with the wrong girl?" he exclaims a little too enthusiastically for my liking. 

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