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Grace's POV

Me and Ellie walked into the cabin again to see Courtney and Camila sitting on the couch. I held Ellie's hand and looked at her "I'm here, it's okay" she said quietly, helping me calm down a little.

"Hey" Camila said standing up and looking at me. I smiled a little and sat on the couch in front of them, Ellie sitting next to as Camila sat down again "hey"

We stayed silent for a little, neither of us knowing how to start "we all know that what you did is wrong Camila" Ellie spoke up, I smiled and looked at her, knowing she's doing it because she felt the awkwardness in the room and wanted to break it and start the conversation.

"It hurt me. I know that I said that I have feelings for Ellie but it just made me feel like I'm not enough for you. That's all" I said, gripping Ellie's hand feeling myself get more nervous.

"I'm sorry and I'm sorry I tried to turn it on you. You were nothing but amazing and it's clear that we both were meant for different people" Camila said holding Courtney's hand who smiled at her, I looked at Ellie who was already looking at me with a smile on her face.

I truly think that Ellie would be the perfect woman for me. She took care of me even when I wasn't with her, imagine how it would be now. I bet it would be one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me.

"So are we cool?" I looked at Camila and nodded "yeah" she smiled and stood up, putting her arms out for me so I went for a hug.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wrapped hers around my neck as I felt someone rubbing the lower of my back, I backed away and looked at Ellie who smiled at me as her hand rubbed my back.

"Courtney don't you have anything to say?" Ellie asked. I sat down next to Ellie and she put her arm around my shoulder while she was looking at Courtney, waiting for her to speak up.

"Not really. I never liked Grace-" Ellie took the pillow and hit Courtney with it, making her laugh "okay I'm sorry Grace" she said seriously now, looking at me. I smiled and nodded "it's okay"

"We're gonna go get some food. Want anything?" Camila asked. Me and Ellie shook our heads "we're good, thanks though"

Camila smiled and nodded, leaving the cabin with Courtney following her. I put my head on Ellie's chest as she pulled my closer to her with her arm still wrapped around my shoulder.

"You know that you're allowed to be mad or sad. Just because you're with me now doesn't mean you can't be sad about the relationship you just got out of" I looked up at Ellie and smiled at how considerate she is "but I'm not sad, I'm happy I'm with you now"

Her cheeks reddened and she broke eye contact "really?" She asked and I nodded my head, pecking her lips "really"

I laughed looking at her, seeing her shy and nervous with her cheeks in a dark shade of pink with her eyes not looking into mine out of nervousness "wanna watch a movie?" I asked.

She nodded and took the controller, turning the tv on and putting on some random movie on Netflix.

It wasn't important which movie she puts on, we just wanted to spend more time together.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled myself closer to her while her arm was around my shoulder and the other one was on my thigh that was over her now, rubbing it softly and gently.

We were watching the movie in silence, enjoying each other's company when Coco came and sat in between me and Ellie, cuddling with us.

"Aw she's so cute" I said rubbing her head softly. I looked at Ellie who smiled while looking at Coco. Ellie is like a mother to Coco and the smile on her face is what shows how much she cares about her.

"You know without you she would've been hurt and starving probably" Ellie frowned and nodded "yeah. I just can't understand why people hurt animals"

"They're just heartless" I said, she nodded agreeing with me "but Coco is right here with us, all safe and happy" she said smiling again, now tickling Coco's stomach.

I laughed at her cute interaction with Coco. Seeing her happy with her cute little puppy, taking care of her like she's her actual daughter. It's so cute.

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