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Narrator's P.O.V
Immediately thinking that it was Yn, Taehyung quickly sat up and eagerly said;

"Come in!"

But the second the person opened the door and stepped into his room... his heart dropped.

It wasn't Yn... it was Kim Seon-mi.

And just seeing her made his blood boil, as he sat back in his bed and crosses his arms, although his sudden change in demeanor made Seon-mi raise an eyebrow as she walked to him and teasingly said;

"Well hello to you too.. I thought you would've been excited to see me since you wanted me to come in so badly."

"What are you doing here?!"

He asked between clenched teeth as he glared at her while she sat down at the end of his bed;

"I came to see you of course-"

"Great, you saw me.. now you can leave!"

"Taehyung please.. can't we be civil about this and have a normal conversation like two grown adults-"

"How about you just say your peice and go?!"


Seon-mi whispered as she was hurt by Taehyung's harsh words but she nodded as she calmly said;

"Listen.. I want to apologize-"

"Oh so NOW you want to apologize after you made my life a living hell-"


"No and I'm pretty sure I know WHY you're here-"

"And why am I here genius?!"

Seon-mi asked irritated and Taehyung scoffed;

"You're obviously here to talk about the arranged marriage-"

"What.. arranged marriage?"

She asked in pure confusion and Taehyung looked back at her with a cold glare and said;

"Don't play stupid! You know exactly what I'm talking about-"

"No I don't! For fucks sake, we don't talk after 9 years and you're calling me stupid and talking about some arranged marriage that I know absolutley nothing about-"

"Wait.. so you're not here about the arranged marria-"


She says frustratedly and let's out an exasperated sigh, which makes Taehyung glare at her suspiciously as he asks;

"Wait.. if this isn't about the arranged marriage... then why are you here?! As a matter of fact.. how did you even know that I was here in the hospital?!"

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