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Grace's POV

I woke up and heard talking from the bathroom and I was already going there so I can wash my face and brush my teeth.

I rubbed my eyes as I opened the door. I opened my eyes and looked at Ellie who was in the bathtub still in her bra and boxers with some of the soap's foam on her head as she had Coco in her arms with foam on her head too.

She just looked at me with a small adorable smile "hi" she said making me laugh "hey"

"Wanna join us?" She asked lifting Coco a little. I shrugged "please. It's fun but please keep your panties and bra on, my princess is still a little baby" Ellie said the last part in a baby voice to Coco making her bark a couple of times making Ellie laugh and kiss the side of Coco's head.

I smiled and took my shirt off and my pants, staying in my panties and bra like Ellie said and getting in the tub, sitting on the opposite side of Ellie while facing her and Coco.

"Look, she's starting to swim" Ellie let go of Coco and she swam towards me, her tiny arms and legs moving as she got closer to me.

I smiled and carried her, still keeping her in the water "you're such a good girl" I said kissing Coco's head "what about me? I'm still here" I looked at Ellie and laughed "you can't be jealous of your own daughter"

"I'm not jealous of her, I'm jealous of you because you get to hold her..I mean look at her cute face" I rolled my eyes at what she said making her laugh and get closer to me "I'm kidding. She's such a lucky baby because you're holding her" she said pecking my lips.

I smiled unintentionally but tried to hide it so I can act mad for a little longer "oh come on. I see that smile on her face..stop trying to act mad" she said making me look at her and smile, not being able to hide it anymore.

I put Coco on my shoulder for a little as I rubbed her back while talking to Ellie "so the party is at like 9?" I asked and Ellie nodded "yeah, Camila told me that her and Courtney accidentally invited people to our cabin when they were drunk" I laughed and nodded "okay but stay with me please"

"You know I will. I'm not leaving your side for multiple reasons. Number one, so no one annoys or harasses you. Number two, I will be able to see anyone that looks at you and rip their eyes out-" I laughed at what she said "woah that's a little extra"

"Nope, not at all. They gotta know that they shouldn't be looking at what's mine. I don't like it" she said. I smiled "I like your possessiveness" I said making me her smile and kiss me again.

I looked at Coco to see her now sleeping on my shoulder, looking so adorable and cute "Aw my pretty princess is tired" Ellie said petting her gently so she wouldn't wake her up.

We both stood up and I made sure to be slow so she doesn't wake up. Ellie brought a small towel "where did you get this from?" I asked her, she shrugged "I went shopping for Coco so I bought her a tiny towel" I laughed as she took her from me wrapping her with the towel "it's not weird, you'd do the same if you had a kid"

She took her back to the room as I took a towel and dried my body, my hair didn't get any water on it since I had it in a bun.

I went to the room and smiled at Ellie who put Coco in the middle of the bed with the towel wrapped around her. Ellie kissed Coco's head then stood up and came towards me "don't say anything. Yes I bought her a towel and some clothes by the way"

"What else did you buy her?" I asked going back to the bathroom "clothes, a towel, toys, a small tiny blanket, treats and a collar with her name on it in case she gets lost but I didn't let her wear it yet, i mean maybe she'll be uncomfortable in it"

"Do whatever you want El. She's your daughter after all" I said taking my clothes "and soon to be yours too" I blushed at Ellie's comment which made her laugh "anyways let's go eat"

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