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Narrator's P.O.V
Yn froze at his words and when she finally gets the courage to turn around and face him, she sees that he's avoiding eye contact with her then she carefully asks;

"T-Taeyung.. what did you just say?"

Taeyung says nothing at first but then he takes a deep breathe and says in a more casual way;

"My Appa likes you Miss Yn.. that's why I've been calling you Eomma-"

"And how do you know that he likes me?"

Yn asks as she laughing disbelief, but Taeyung remained composed and started to explain;

"At first, I didn't want to believe that he likes you but the more you two spend time together, the more I see how much my Appa really likes you. I mean he saved you from that bad man, he let you stay at our house for days, and he made it super obvious by the way he looks at you when you're talking or when you're doing something and I don't want to sound mean towards you but it's super obvious that you like him too Miss."


✋🛑 PAUSE ✋🛑
I'm just going to skip all the hospital visits between Taehyung, Seon-mi, Yn and the boys and just go over to the good stuff that happens at work and in Taehyung's home, okay? Okay. 😌👌


- 3 weeks later -

At work - 8:47 am
Yn's P.O.V
After Taeyung confessed that his father had feelings for me, I didn't know whether to take him seriously or not.. but I do know one thing... now things are a bit awkward between Taehyung and I as I've been distancing myself from him.

- 3 weeks ago, the day of Yn's visit -

"What? You can't make it now? Why not-"

"Look, I just.. I'm staying with my first choice and think we should see each other at work, it'll be appropriate for us to talk there-"

"Yn.. if this is still about what happened the other day-"

"No.. it's not that. Well it is.. but it's more than that too-"

"Why can't you just tell me now?"

"I'd prefer to tell you in person in the appropriate setting-"


"I'll see you at work Mr. Kim."

- Present day, 4 weeks ago -

I still haven't gotten the courage to talk to him about what Taeyung has been told me but in all honesty, I don't think he's minding at all, everytime I try to talk to him.. he's always on his phone texting or he's getting a call from someone.

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