my wife

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"All I want is nothing more, than
to hear you knocking at my door
'Cause if I could see your face once
more, I could die a happy man
I'm sure.

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I look to Sprite as we board Kingo's private jet. Everyone's walking on egg shells around me. Ever since that blow up I had.

They had it coming. I don't know him and I don't owe them an apology.

We make our way to the Peru Amazonas and once we land Karun says "This place is beautiful."

My hands skim over the red flowers on the bushes. My smile widens and Sprite walks forward. I pick the flower from the bush and push it into Sprite's hair. She smiles to me and I nod and say "Beautiful." She branches off from us looking for Druig.

This place is so beautiful.

Karun looked around and continued complimenting the place "It is very nice here, sir." He holds the camera out getting the flowers and greenery.

Kingo scoffs and says "Don't be fooled. Ignorance is bliss around here."

That spiked my anger and I'm not sure why.

A villager approached the group, more specifically Sprite. "Druig? Do you know a Druig?"

He looks at Sprite confused saying "We're his friends... from college." I look around taking in the surroundings. The eyes of the man go golden and he says in an oddly familiar tone "Sprite."

I see a butterfly float by and I wander after it. I need a picture. It's so prettyyyy

"Hello Sprite. Nice to see you." The man spoke to Sprite smiling. Sprite says "I don't want to play games. Come out. It'd be in your best interest. We have something or someone we thought you'd want to see. But we need your help."

"Now, who would you bring to see me?"

"Why don't you come out here so we can speak face to face?" Sprite says, her patience growing thin.

The entire village surrounded the group as Druig stepped out of the house. Holy fuck. The butterfly on my finger flies away as my mouth drapes open.

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