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- The next morning -

8:07 am
Narrator's P.O.V
Although Taehyung had already came home from the hospital a week ago, he's been noticing that Taeyung has been spending more time with Yn than with him, granted Taeyung has seen him while he came to the hospital but ever since he got out, Taeyung only ever has breakfast with Taehyung and them he immediately goes to Seokjin's house to spend time with Yn and he doesn't see his son until Seokjin drops him off for dinner. And he just couldn't understand..

Why doesn't his own son want to spend time with him?

"Goodmorning Appa."

Taeyung sleepily said while walking up to his Appa, hearing his voice pulled Taehyung away from his thoughts as he gently picked up his baby bear and planted kisses all over his face which gave him the chance to hear his son's adorable squeals, while telling him to stop at the same time. After he finished, Taeyung rested his head on his father's shoulder as he took them both to the couch and sat down.

Now sitting, Taehyung thought that this would be a good time to talk to his son about staying home today so that they could have a father-son day.. or possibly even week because ever since Taehyung has gotten out, he's been doing work at home lately and granted he does go to the office for important meetings but if he has nothing else to do then he goes home on his own and waits for Seokjin to drop Taeyung home... and yes, he's tried seeing him at Seokjin's house, but everytime he tries to talk to him he's busy playing or talking too Yn..

And speaking of Yn, Taehyung has been noticing that she's been acting... different.. like 3 days ago for example. Taehyung went over to Seokjin's and said hello to her but he merely got a small smile and wave then when he tried making small talk.. he just got nods and short one-word answers as responses.

"Appa.. Appa?"

Suddenly Taeyung's voice pulled the older man out of his thoughts once more as Taehyung looked down at his son who was smiling up at him as he sweetly asked;

"Can we go eat breakfast at Uncle Jinnie's house?"

"Do you really want to eat at Uncle Jinnie's house or do you want to play with Miss Yn?"

Taehyung asked back and Taehyun smiled as he said;

"Both.. but I mostly wanna play with Eomma. We're almost finished with building our block tower!"

"You're building a block tower?"

"Yeah, but not with those little blocks they have in kindergarten, Uncle Jinnie bought me these big blocks and Eomma and I have been building a huge tower but we're not done, we still need to add-"

"Baby bear..."

Taehyung suddenly said with hesitation in his voice, this made Taeyung hum in response as he looked at his Appa, who finally said something after half a minute;

"Why do you call Miss Yn, 'Eomma'?"

At his sudden question, Taeyung froze, what does he tell him?!

As he looked at down his hands nervously, he tried thinking of what to say and after a minute or so, Taeyung cleared his throat and politely asked;

"Appa, can you give me your phone?"

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