14- A Scar

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Sabrina pov

I know I said that I'm going to do everything I can to make things right with Michelle. And I still am. But since she got here it is as if I've been experiencing all those emotions I did 11 years ago.

When I saw how she and Maggie bonded I felt jealous. And when I saw her and Bear on the swings I was even more jealous. Bear and I have not had a good relationship over the years even though we are twins. We were as thick as thieves when we were little kids, but after the whole fiasco he has completely shut me out. Honestly he shut everyone out except for Maggie.

And when I saw how easily she made friends, it did not help. I know I should have done something and probably have told Abigail (the girl who hit her) that she is my sister. But it is as if I had frozen and forgot how to speak.

When Cooper showed up I could see the disappointment in his eyes. I knew I was going to be in big trouble and I was already grounded so this wasn't going to be good.

When we stopped at the house I saw most of the cars were back. This is going to be awful. We all climed out of the car and walked to the front door. When we came in Michelle immediately wanted to leave but Cooper grabbed her arm and said "Slow down there speedy, let's get that eye of your checked out". It didn't look like she wanted to too but she must have known Cooper was not going to take no for an answer.

Cooper is never so soft and kind with anyone, well with Maggie he is, but since Michelle has returned everything and everyone seems to have changed. I know its wrong but it feels like everything is always about Michelle here and Michelle there. And it feels like no one ever cares about me. Or maybe I'm just selfish. But I can't control how I feel.

When we walked into the living room and everyone saw Michelle's face they were shocked and mad. They all stood up and walked to us.

Dad looked like he was going to murder someone "What happened" he asked Cooper angry. Mom was talking to Michelle and they along with Ben and Isa left going to the kitchen.

"Some girl at school decided to punch Ellie and guess who was apart of that group" Cooper said looking at me. I knew he was going to split. "Sabrina?" my father asked in disbelief and disappointment.

"I'm sorry" I said guilty not looking up. My father lifted my chin up he hated it when we don't look him in the eyes when we talk to him. "Why would you let you friend hit your sister?" he yelled at me.

"I don't know" I said honest looking at him. "What's going on?" Ben asked coming through the door. "Your sister was apart of the group of girls that harassed Michelle." Dad said. Ben shook his head in disappointment. It hurt knowing I disappointed them.

" You are going to apologize to your sister and you are grounded for another month, no phone, no friends, no driving and no TV." he said sternly.

"I understand" I said looking at him. "Good, now go and apologize to your sister." he said to which I only nodded and my made my way upstairs. When I got to her door I heard her talking. She was on the phone with the Diaz's I recognized the mother and daughter Eleanor's voice. I leaned against the door and listened.

"How are you really doing, the truth" I heard a voice ask. Michelle responded with "I mean I hate it here and I need to control my urge to punch each one of them but I guess I'm surviving." It hurt knowing that she hate us this much, I just don't know how to feel, my emotions are all over the place I want to be a good sister but I'm also jealous of her.

I then knocked on the door and opened it. She looked up from her phone to she who it was when she saw me she said "I gotta go, tell Cammy I say hi, love ya. Mwa" she said blowing a kiss. Now I felt jealous of the relationship she had with these people. She then hung up and looked at me.

"Can I help you?" she asked clearly irritated. I didn't really know what to say"Umm I just wanted to say umm sorry about today." I said not looking her in the eyes. She scoffed and said"Oh so you can say sorry about watching your friend punch me in the face but not say sorry for what happened 11 years ago" she said calm it almost felt as if she was bullying me.

I felt guilty she is right tho, I haven't apologized yet but I was just a kid I didn't know what I was doing she can't possibly be blaming me for what happened. I'll admit I was partly responsible but I was just listening to mom like any 7 year old.

"Cat got your tongue huh? " she asked sarcastically. I didn't say anything ."Just go, and close the door" she said at me angry. I just left not knowing what to say.

Michelle pov

I was truly irritated after Sabrina left, so I decided it would be best if I just stayed in my room. I was laying on the bed on my stomach and scrolling through Instagram when all of a sudden my door flew open and in came a super exited Maggie with a smiling Bear behind her.

"I got in glee club!" she said jumping up and down in joy. "Well done Mags I knew you would get in" I said smiling at her "Jesus Christ what the hell happened to your eye. Who do I need to beat up." Bear said angry when he saw my swollen purple /blue eye . They both came closer and sat on my bed.

"I'm okay some crazy ass girl though I was trying too steal her 'man' and punched me" I said while they were both looking at me. "Give me a name, I'm gonna kill that bitch when I get my hands on her." he said clenching his jaw.

"Calm down there hulk, I didn't exactly get a name. Because Cooper scared the shit out of her" I said putting my hand on his arm. "Tomorrow I'm not taking my eyes off you." he said determined.

"Wow hold it there cow boy let's not go crazy. Tomorrow I'm going to show everyone not to mess with me." I said with a smirk. "Oo, that is a evil smile" Maggie said.

"Just wait and see she is going to be sorry she ever laid a finger on me" I said evil. "Umm okay maleficent when did you get so evil?" Bear asked surprised. "You should watch your back, who knows what I'm capable off." I said. We all just started to laugh.

Isabella then came up and told us dinner was ready. Dinner was mostly everyone all having their own little conversation and they asked how school was. After we were done Viviane quickly took another look at my eye and giving me an ice pack too keep on.

Viviane pov

Ever since Ellie came home with her eye something had been eating at me. When I was dressing her eye I saw a scar under it. It looked as if someone had cut her with a sharp object like glass or a knife maybe. Otherwise it wouldn't have left such a scar.

After dinner we all said our good nights and went to our rooms. My mind kept playing with me , we know absolutely nothing about her life before she went to the Diaz family.

"Hey my love you okay?" Ricardo asked coming out of the bathroom with a towel rapped around his waste. I stood up and hugged him. He held me tight for a while and then led me too the bed on. He quickly got his boxer on and sat next to me. He really is my rock and even after everything I have done he still chose to stick with me.

"Okay so what is wrong?" he said serious looking me in the eyes. "I know we both agreed not to push Ellie and wait for her to come to us but I'm worried. We need to find out what happened to her." I said . He took my hands "What changed your mind?" He asked.

"A scar" I said dead serious. He burst out laughing. "A scar?" he asked through laughter. "Yes Santiago a scar under her eye." I said not amused by his response. "Don't you think you are over reacting a little my love" he asked after laughing. "No, please I just have a bad feeling." I said.

"Okay I'll ask one of the guys to look into it, but why don't we start to try and get some information out of her without her knowing of course ." He said. "Okay" I said. He kissed me on the forehead and we both climbed into our bed.

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