Lets Make Grant A Big Brother

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*You sit in your hospital bed and wait for the doctor.. Bucky holds Grant and sits in the chair beside the bed.. Grant doesn't fight Bucky and he just sits patiently in his lap. Grant sucks his thumb and watches you as the nurses move around and hook you up to machines. His eyes look a little scared*
Y/N- mamas okay Little wolf.. *He smiles and reaches for you.. it breaks your heart a little.* I'm sorry bud I can't hold you at the moment..
*He starts to cry whine and cry a little and Bucky comforts him*
Bucky- I know Grant.. it's okay.. Daddys got you.. *Grant snuggles into Bucky.. you smile and focus on them as the another contraction hits*
*Bucky looks up at you and speaks to you quietly*
Bucky- is it a bad one?
*You nod and take a deep breath.. you make a face as you hold your breath for a moment and Grant laughs.. you smile and Bucky kisses his head*
Y/N- it's over... oh it was a big one..
Nurse Angie- okay.. you're all set up here and the Doctor will be in shortly.. can we get you anything??
Y/N- I'm good, thanks..
Bucky- is she any farther along?? Can she get anything for the pain??
Nurse Angie- she is still 2 centimeters... and she can't get anything till she's a little farther along.. we don't want to give her the epidural and then stop her progress..
Y/N- how far along do I need to be??
*Another one hits and you fight the urge to scream*
Nurse Angie- we'd like you to be 4 or 5 centimeters.
*You groan and almost cry.. Bucky rubs your back and kisses your head*
Bucky- okay.. thank you..
*She nods and leaves*

*3 hours go by and you haven't progressed at all.. Grant is crawling all over the room, it's kinda gross considering how dirty that floor probably is but that's Bucky's problem at the moment*
Bucky- Eww don't lick that.. *He picks Grant up and then presses your call button*
Y/N- what are you doing??
Bucky- getting a pack n play.. that way we can set him up over there and he will entertain himself for a little bit..
*The nurse comes in*
Nurse Angie- did you need something?
Bucky- yes, can we- *Steve and Nat come walking in* have visitors?
*Angie laughs*
Nurse Angie- yes
Bucky- awesome, thanks!
*She leaves*
Y/N- why didn't you ask?
Bucky- because Nat and Steve are here now.. they can sit over there and watch him..
*You chuckle and Steve walks over and takes Grant*
Steve- come on Little Wolf.. we will have some Grant time.. *Grant smiles and squeals*
*They sit on the couch and Bucky stands by your bed.. he rubs your back and kisses your head*
Bucky- you're so strong baby..
*You groan and cry*
Y/N- god it hurts so much..
Bucky- I know baby.. shhh I know..
Y/N- I need to walk.. get up and move..
Bucky- okay.. come on
*He helps you up and takes your IV stand with you.. you walk around the room a little and stretch your legs*
Steve- you're doing great y/n *You wave your hand at him.. he smiles and Nat chuckles*
*Steve puts Grant down and Grant sits and watches you walk back and forth.. when you pass him each time he lifts his hands up and when you don't pick him up he whimpers and puts them down.. he does it each time.. Bucky picks him up and let's him give you a kiss*
Y/N- I love you little wolf... *You give him a Bunny kiss with your nose and he smiles*

*It has now been 10 hours since you checked in and you've only dilated another centimeters.. 10 hours and you're only 3 centimeters dilated*
Y/N- Bucky?! Mmhmmm shhhhit! I-I need something! Please baby I-
Bucky- shhh okay baby.. okay..
*Bucky springs into action again and leaves the room on a mission.. he sees your Nurse, at this point Angie is gone so it's another one*
Bucky- Nurse Betty??
Nurse Betty- yes?
Bucky- hey, yeah my wife y/n, she needs some help. She's in so much pain and she's not progressing... could we get the doctor to give us an update or maybe someone with some pain meds?? She's been at this for 10 hours..
Nurse Betty- I'll call the Doctor on call
Bucky- thank you!
*He walks back in your room and you are leaning over the side of the bed and rocking side to side.. Nat is holding Grant who is looking worried again and just watching everything.. Steve is on the other side holding your hands and soothing you*
Steve- Bucky is gonna be back any minute.. he's gonna have someone with him who can help.. okay? Okay! You're so strong y/n.. you've got this.. *He kisses your head and you cry.. Bucky walks up behind you and rubs your back.. Steve smiles at Bucky and Bucky mouths " thank you"*
Nurse Betty- okay, the on call doctor will be in shorty to discuss options... okay? *You nod* okay!
*About 20 minutes and 8 contractions later the on call doctor comes in*
Doctor- okay.. you are not progressing as much as we'd like.. so we are gonna have to deviate from the birth plan you discussed with your normal doctor.. we can start you on some drugs that will quicken labor.. if that doesn't work then we may have to do a C- Section...
Y/N- No... I will only do that if it is the last resort..
Doctor- okay.. we'll let's get these medications started and see what happens.. okay?
Y/N- okay... Mmhmm just make the pain Stop!
Doctor- okay, Nurse Betty put in an order for an Epidural.. *She nods* they will be in soon..
Bucky- thank you Doc
Y/N- yes, thank you.. *You look at Bucky* god I hope my doctor is here soon..

*It has now been 15 hours and you've only progressed another centimeter.. the medicine hasn't been started because the epidural had not been given.. the doctors were backed up and they didn't think you were a high priority, even though you were at this point. You keep getting pushed down the list.. you are about to lose it.. you grip the bed and let out a scream as another contraction rips through your body*
Y/N- ahhhahah!!!! *You cry and fall back against the bed*
*Bucky is seething at this point.. Steve is even pissed.. Nat is just scared that you, a super soldier, are in this much pain what is it gonna be like for her.. Grant is thankfully asleep in a pack n play*
Bucky- okay... time I go winter soldier on their asses.. on call doctors treating us like- *Bucky takes off his jacket and takes off the gloves he was wearing on his metal hand.. he's about to storm out when you call his name*
Y/N- Bucky... *You groan and moan* Bucky please.. *He takes your hand and gives a pleasing look to Steve.. Steve nods*
*Steve walks out and finds a nurse*
Steve- hi, I don't know if you are her nurse or not but my best friend is in there and she is in agonizing pain.. she's been here for 15 hours and she was supposed to be given an epidural and medication to help her labor process... can you please help her?!?
Nurse Sandy- I am her Nurse but I can't discuss this with you... you're not family.
Steve- see that's where you're wrong... she is family but also you want to deal with me and not her husband.. see he's the Winter Soldier..
*He face goes white* oh don't worry he's perfectly harmless now but he's also getting really really mad that his wife is obviously being looked over and he was ready to come out here and lose it but I said I would come instead... But I can't get him if you'd like-
Nurse Sandy- No! No, it's fine.. let's go..
Steve- thank you! I'll let my good friend Tony Stark know that you were super helpful and I'm sure he will be super generous..

*Steve's vaguely veiled threats worked and you were seen and give your epidural with in 15 minutes and then your medication was started within 30 minutes*
Bucky- how are you feel??
*You are worn out and completely exhausted.. but finally out of pain*
Y/N- I'm okay... just really tired..
*Bucky kisses your head*
Bucky- I know... try to sleep if you can..

*Its now been a whole 24 hours that you've been in the hospital... you are 8 centimeters dilated and you feel like you can't go anymore*
Y/N- Bucky.. I can't I-
Bucky- yes you can.. I know it's hard but remember this with Grant.. this moment was the turning point.. you are almost there baby.. *He cry's* she's almost here.. *You cry and lean your head back* have I told you how much I love you today? And how amazing, strong, and absolutely wonderful you are??
*You cry and he takes your face in his hands*
You are my wold y/n... thank you for loving me and making me a father..
*You kiss him and tears fall on your face*
Y/N- I love you Bucky... I love you so much..
*Your doctor walks in*
Doctor- I am so sorry for what happened last night... the people responsible were dealt  with... in other news, you're almost ready to push!
*You could almost cheer for joy.. you see Grant wake up and you have a thought*
Y/N- okay.. But I need a moment with just Grant... please?
*Bucky smiles and nods.. He hands you Grant who curls up in your arms and sucks his thumb.. everyone leaves.. as Bucky leaves you stop him*
Y/N- wait over on the couch Baby..
*Bucky nods and sits.. he watches ad you hold Grant and kiss his head. You rub his back and he coos. You whisper to him.. Bucky takes pictures and videos so you'll have it later*
Y/N- okay Little Wolf.. things are about to change. You're gonna be with Uncle Steve while Mommy and Daddy welcome Winnie.. *Grant smiles* you're gonna love her, Grant and you are gonna be the best big brother. Grant No mater how many sisters and brothers you have you will always be my baby... the one who made me a mommy... each of you will be special in your own way and yours is this.. *You motion for Bucky to join you* Daddy and I love you and we will see you soon... okay? Okay!
*You have a big family hug and Bucky had set up the phone to get a picture*
Bucky- okay Little Wolf.. let's see where uncle Steve is..
*Bucky gets Grant to Steve and then comes back to you.. he rests his forehead against yours*
Bucky- let's make Grant a big brother... huh??
*You smile and nod as tears flow*
Y/N- yeah.. we're about to have a daughter...
*Bucky smiles a a tear falls from his eyes.. he kisses you as the doctor comes in*
Doctor- alright... you ready??

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