15- New Girl

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Michelle pov

I woke up to my alarm going off. What I won't give to just stay in my bed and never get out. After a lot and I mean A LOT of courage I finally got up and started to get ready.

I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, I couldn't really hide my black eye with makeup because it was swollen but if anyone has a problem with it they can go fuck themselves.

I started to make my way down stairs because I was running a little late. "Come on slow poke we are going to be late" Bear said tapping his watch. I just rolled my eyes at him and smiled. We all walked to the car. Sabrina kept staring at me but then I would just glare at her, I could see how uncomfortable she was.

Now call me crazy but I really enjoyed seeing her squirm under my gaze. When we arrived at school we all started to walk to the doors and everyone was staring at me because of my eye, don't they have a life. Like seriously.

I walked to my locker were I was greeted by Gracie, Asher and Oliver. "Are you okay?" Gracie asked concerned. "I'm as fit as a fiddle, can't you see" I said while I kept putting my books in the locker. "We heard what that bitch Abigail did, she seriously needs her head checked out." Asher said angry. I was kind of surprised to hear Asher angry he looks like a really chill dude.

"Yeah I swear if I get my hands on her, I'm going to beat the crap out of her." Oliver said ready for a fight while Gracie and Asher agreed. I smiled at them, these people barely know me but are ready to fight for my behalf, They are great people well at least better than some of the members of my so called family.

"It's okay guys, She is just a self conscious little girl who hurts other to make her feel better about herself. But trust me if she does come at me again she is going to regret it." I said turning to them.

"Ooh girl, you are like the coolest girl I've ever met" Oliver said. "Hey what about me? " Gracie asked shocked and playfully hit him on the shoulder. But before Oliver could say anything the bell rang. The 4 of us all left walking to our classes.

I had math along with Asher. "I don't want to intrude or anything and if you don't want to talk about it, it's cool but umm are you by any chance related to the Ferrari's?" Asher asked while we were walking.

Ugg I guess I just hoped that no one would find out that I'm related to them." Nah it's cool, yeah I'm related to them but they are not my family, who told you anyways? "I said looking at him. "Abigail is spreading around that one of the Ferrari brothers threatened her and called you his little sister." He said opening the door for me. "Ah okay" I said while taking my seat.

I'm glad he didn't ask more about the Ferrari's. I haven't known him for that long but he seems like a good guy and friend. After math I had Science and then history.

When it was time for lunch I went to the cafeteria I went to Gracie and the boys. I saw mags sitting at the glee club table I was happy for her she deserved it. When I sat I was greeted and then I explained to Gracie, Oliver and Asher how I'm related to the Ferrari's, I left a few parts out of course.

We were all just talking when all of a sudden we heard a commotion when I looked what was going on I saw Abigail throwing a slushy over Maggie while the rest of her stupid friends including Sabrina was laughing. Maggie ran out crying I immediately followed her.

She went in the bathroom when I got inside there was two girls staring at her. "Out" I told them but they didn't respond. "I said out or are you deaf?" I asked angry. Both of the girls immediately left. Maggie was siting on the floor holding her knees close to her chest and crying.

"Come on" I said holding my hand out she took it and I helped her up. I lead her to the sink and started to help clean the slushy out of her hair. "Why are you helping me?" She asked through the sniffing. " Because belief it or not you are my sister and this is what sisters do." I said while I kept cleaning her hair.

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