Winnie James Barnes

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*You scream as Bucky holds one leg and a Nurse holds the other.. you grip the side of the bed and with all your might push*
Bucky- Thats it y/n! You're doing amazing!!
*You scream as you continue to push.. the doctor assures you*
Doctor- you're doing great y/n! I can see her head... Dad, you wanna see?
*Bucky looks and he can see just the top of Winnie's head*
Bucky- oh my good babe.. she's almost here.. you're doing so good..
*You push for another 10 minutes.. screaming and crying... then you get silent.. holding everything in, just deep breathing and focusing all your energy on pushing*

Peter- why did it get quiet?!? Do you think she's okay?!?
Steve- she's fine Peter.. don't worry..
*Nat looks at Steve and they share a slightly worried look.. Pepper meets their gaze and smiles*
Pepper- no need to worry.. when you get quiet that's how you know it's almost over.
*They all smile and have a sigh of relief... Steve looks around a notices Thor is missing.. he looks at Nat*
Steve- I'll be back..
*Steve finds Thor outside*
Steve- hey... *Thor looks back and gently smiles* so... do they know you're leaving?
*Thor looks back shocked*
Thor- Umm no.. I didn't want to tell them yet.. honestly I was probably going to leave and then send a message later explaining everything..
Steve- come on.. you have to at least see her..
you can leave tomorrow.. *Thor nods* so where are you going??

*Another hour passes and still no Winnie.. You don't remember Grant's being this long or hard*
Doctor- alright... come on y/n.. her head is almost out... one more big push! *You take a deep breath and push with all your might.. you feel a little relief which means her head has been delivered*
Doctor- great job her head is out! Take a look Dad! *Bucky looks and smiles.. he is then right back at your side.. he sees how serious you are and decides to tease you a little to lighten the mood*
Bucky- she looks just like me... *You smile and chuckle.. he looks at you and smiles.. he kisses your lips* kidding... she looks just like you baby..
*The sudden need to push again is overwhelming and you know that means her shoulders*
Doctor- alright.. on the next contraction push.. okay 1...2...3 push!

*Thor sits beside Steve who is holding Grant.. they've all been taking turns occupying him and letting him sleep on them.. they don't mind*
Steve- can I ask why you are leaving??
*Thor sighs*
Thor- I can't be here with her- she's a- I've- look I just need to remove myself from the situation so it's not any weirder.. I don't need to be sitting in the common room one day and have her thrown in my arms to hold and feed because Grants made a mess and Bucky's not there and no one else can help.. I don't need to be there.. I need to distance myself until the right time..
*Steve nods*
Steve- I get that but you can do that without leaving the team..
*Thor looks sad*
Thor- I don't want to.. but I have to..
*Grant reaches for Thor and he smiles.. he holds Grant and Grant plays with his beard*
Steve- I just hope you know the door is always open, Thor..
Thor- I do..

*You've been pushing for another 15 minutes*
Doctor- okay y/n you wanna lean up and look.. your little girls about to wave at you..
*You nod and looks at Bucky.. he helps you sit up and you give one last push and Winnie's Shoulder's and arms come out and her hand flys up in the air.. you and Bucky cry as Winnie is pulled the rest of the way out and wipe off her eyes really fast.. Bucky helps you lay down and pull your hospital gown down and they place Winnie on your chest.. They place blankets over her and you and she just cuddles up to you.. you lay a hand across her back and just lay your head back and cry happy tears.. Bucky takes your face in his hands and you look at him... he is crying too.. he kisses you and rests his forehead against yours*
Bucky- I love you so much.. she's so beautiful y/n.. look at our little girl..
*You kiss him and then look down at Winnie.. she is looking up at you and Bucky.. eyes squinting and not exactly sure what's happening.. she whines a little... you chuckle*
Y/N- hey Winnie James.. hey sweet girl.. *She
Stops whining*
Bucky- hey sweetie.. oh we are so happy you're finally here..
*She reaches a hand towards Bucky's face.. he takes her hand.. a nurse sees it and teases*
Nurse- A Daddy's girl already!
*You and Bucky chuckle.. you both lean down and whisper*
Y/N- we've missed you Winnie.. *They have already put her little hat on so you kiss her head and she coos*
*You finish up your delivery and the nurses get your epidural stopped*
Nurse- alright.. let's get you up and to the bathroom..
*You almost cry at the thought of having to move.. you blocked out all this extra pain.. but just like with Grant Bucky leaves Winnie in the expert hands of the nurses and helps you walk to the bathroom.. he sits with you as you clean up and do all you have to do.. everything hurts and you are exhausted.. you feel like you've been spilt open and like you'll never be the same.. a tear slips down your face as you are literally sitting in the toilet and Bucky kisses the tear away and rubs your back.. once your cleaned up you get back into a clean hospital bed and they hand you Winnie.. and then they leave the room*
Bucky- you want me to let everyone know?
*You nod.. Bucky leaves real fast and pops into the waiting room*
Bucky- She is here! 7lbs on the dot. She's doing great and so is y/n... we will let y'all know when you can come back and see them..
*Everyone cheers and congratulates Bucky.. Steve gives him a big hug and then Bucky heads back into the room.. Steve looks back at Thor who looks happy while also being heartbroken.. Thor knows this is the last time he will be with everyone for awhile*

*Bucky walks back in and gets in the bed with you.. this starts your golden hour where no one comes in or out and they just leave you alone with Winnie.. You both just Oo and Ah over Winnie.. her tiny little hands and toes.. her little nose that's just like yours and little lips.. Bucky wasn't lying she does look just like you... she must grow out of it at some point because the full grown women who lived with you for almost a year was the beautiful girl version of Bucky... Bucky kisses you and holds Winnie*
Bucky- absolutely stunning...
*You assume he was looking at Winnie but you see that he's staring straight at you.. you smile and cry.. all these damn hormones.. you hang onto his arm as he talks to Winnie and she just listens and watches him*
Y/N- hey go grab Grant.. and tell Steve and Nat to be ready and waiting..
*Bucky nods and hands you Winnie.. he walks out of the room and you hold her and talk to her*
Y/N- Hey Winnie... let's chat..

*She stares up at you and you could swear she smiles*
Y/N- you're about to meet everyone for time.. it's gonna be loud and crazy but it's absolutely amazing.. but first you're gonna meet your brother. He is so excited to meet you.. he may get a little possessive of me and Daddy but that's just because it's all changing.. he still loves you so much.. he might get a little loud because he's so excited so just bare with it.. okay? Okay... here he comes
*Bucky walks in with Grant and Grants eyes get big and he smiles.. it's like he knew he needed to be quiet and careful because when Bucky brought him to you he was so timid.. he looked at your belly, which was still there it was just a little deflated, then he looks at Winnie in your arms.. he smiles and pats her leg and she kicks.. he coos and does it again and she kicks again.. you and Bucky smiles and laugh.. you see that Bucky has set up a camera in the corner to catch all of this.. you mouth "thank you"... he smiles and kisses you*
Bucky- you're welcome
*Grant lays next to you and has one hand on Winnie.. he just stares at her and smiles*
Y/N- you happy little wolf??
*Grant smiles and snuggles up next to you.. you kiss his head and nod to Bucky to let Steve and Nat in*
Y/N- Steve, Nat.. Meet your goddaughter, Winnie James Barnes..

Steve- oh wow... She's so beautiful y/n *Steve kisses your head and looks down at Winnie.. He has his arm around Nat and she's trying not to cry.. she rubs her belly*
Nat- oh wow.. ha! This is a lot.. she's so perfect..
Y/N- thank you.. she's gonna be excited to meet her life long best friend.. *Nat smiles and hugs you* you wanna hold her??
*Nat nods and you hand her off... Nat just stares at Winnie.. completely in awe knowing she'll have one of these in about 3 months.. she snuggles her and then Steve takes her*
Steve- wow.. she's so little... it's crazy to already know what she's gonna be like when she grows up..
Bucky- yeah ha! Loud and Sassy
Y/N- and very opinionated
Steve- just like you two..
*You and Bucky laugh*
*You let Steve and Nat hold her for a bit while you and Bucky hold Grant... after awhile you ask Bucky to go get Thor*
Bucky- you sure?
Y/N- Yeah.. he should get a chance to see her away from prying eyes..
*Bucky nods and kisses your head... he walks out to the waiting room.. he catches Thor's gaze and motions for him to follow*
Thor- I don't need-
Bucky- y/n said you did and I wouldn't fight her on this right now..
*Thor smiles and then sighs*
Thor- okay..

*Thor walks in and sees Winnie in your arms.. she beautiful.. and happy.. there's a pain in Thors heart.. in this moment he knows what he has to do, he knows this all works out but until then he needs space*
Thor- she's beautiful..
Y/N- you can come closer..
Thor- it's okay.. I'm- I'm good.. actually now is as good a time as any... I'll be moving out in the coming days.. I'll go and visits Asgard and then after that.. I'll figure it out. I'll be back for big events like births and birthdays and missions but I can't be in the day to day life.. I'm sorry and I hope you can understand the abruptness of it all..
*You reach your hand out and Thor takes it*
Y/N- we will miss you..
*He kisses your hand and then hugs Bucky*
Thor- there shall be proper goodbye this weekend..
Y/N- hear hear! *He smiles and then leaves the room.. Bucky can tell you need a minute*
Bucky- I'm gonna go tell the nurses now is a good time to come check up on you.. title give you a break from the visitors.. huh?
*You nod and wipe away a tear.. you look down at Winnie and smile.. she is already so loved*

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