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Grace's POV

"I love you too..I love you so fucking much, you don't even understand how much I do" she said kissing me roughly as we still sat on the couch with our clothes off after I just admitted that I love her back.

"Show me how much you love me daddy.." I moved my face closer to hers "..fuck me" I whispered making her smile and nod her head "my pleasure, love"

She made me lay down on the couch and got on top of me, in between my legs as my lips moved roughly with hers. She tilted her head to the side and deepened the kiss.

I wrapped my legs around her waist and pulled her down as I felt her tip enter me when I pulled her closer to me "deeper" I moaned out when I pulled back from the kiss, moans coming out of my mouth from the pleasure.

She smiled and went deeper, slowly while she was holding herself up with her hands that were resting next to my body "so beautiful" she mumbled.

She got fully inside of me "you ready?" She asked sitting up and holding my hips. I nodded and she looked down at where we connected and started moving slowly.

I moaned at the feeling of her going in and out of me teasingly, knowing that she wants me to beg for her to fuck me.

"Please go faster" I said throwing my head back on the couch "what love? Say it louder..maybe even scream it for me" she was going painfully slow, it made me so frustrated and made me want more and more of her.

"Please move faster!" I screamed making her laugh, her hand rubbing my stomach softly "more, beg more"

I groaned and held her hand that was on my stomach "fuck me please. I'm begging you to fuck me hard..please" I whined. She laughed "okay okay.." I looked at her and she smiled, starting to move her hips faster, slamming in and out of me making me scream in pleasure.

"So good" she mumbled, two of her fingers going to rub my clit making me arch my back as I already felt my first orgasm getting closer.

"I'm close" I said. She nodded and went faster with her hand and her hips. I came on her and she kept going fast and hard. I was a moaning mess under her touch, she just knows how to touch me.

I heard her groan so I opened my eyes and looked at her, seeing her with her eyes closed and head tilted back, moving fast in and out of me.

"Shit" she mumbled and stopped rubbing my clit. She pulled out of me and moved her hand up and down her shaft, trying to get to her orgasm. I sat on my knees and took the tip in my mouth, sucking hardly and replacing my hand with hers, rubbing her fast.

I felt her cum go down my throat as I kept going with my mouth and hand, making sure that she enjoys her orgasm as much as I enjoyed mine.

After a bit, I stopped sucking her, her dick got soft and she sat down on the couch next to me trying to catch her breathe as I did the same "that was amazing" I said looking at her, she smiled and nodded "so amazing"

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