Chapter 17 - Puddles of Failure

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Of all the classes Alana had attended so far, this class was definitely the weirdest.

And that meant something, considering that this was a school for magic and everything.

Alana Winters had just been discharged from the infirmary that night, after insisting that she was fully recovered because there was absolutely no way she was just going to sleep for another whole day.

And so began her very first day—no, night—at the Kalliste Academy of Magic.

Witches were nocturnal after all.

Maybe sleeping in the sick bay was worth it after all, or Alana would have gotten really bad jetlag.

All throughout the night, students were constantly staring at her, and it gave her a prickly feeling at the back of her neck.

It was annoying really, how people stared at you without saying why.

But based on everything Evie, Lisha and Malena had said? 

Alana could guess why.

In Creatures and Botany class—the first class of the night—the first form finally got to use the newly renovated greenhouses, and Lisha and Malena were particularly excited about it, though Alana couldn't understand why.

There were literally just GREENHOUSES.

Though when she pointed that out to them, Lisha had glared at her.

"Get your nose out of our business, could you?" Lisha had snapped at Alana.

Some people were just downright mean, sometimes.

Thank goodness, Lisha wasn't in Alana's Magics in History class, so it was a bit more peaceful. 

And also a lot more boring.

Their history teacher, a wizened old lady called Mistress Lizette, rambled on and on about how their ancestors drove out the evil trolls from the continent and formed Audoria and about how the great witch Kalliste founded the academy with the hope that more bright wizards and witches would be born and blah blah blah.

Turns out, history is always boring no matter where you go.

But those classes were nothing compared to what she was having now.

Alana and the rest of her form watched in silence as the old wizard hopped around the classroom on one foot, yelling out things, feathered cape billowing around him, 

"WELCOME TO MAGIC MANAGEMENT CLASS, CITIZENS!!" He screeched, flapping his arms like a chicken. "You may call me Lord of CHICKENS!!!"

"Uh, what did he just say?" Alana whispered to Kiara Nightgem, who was sitting on the desk next to her, along with Camillia Hollowood. "Lord of... chickens?"

"YES!" The man popped up right behind Alana. "LORD OF CHICKENS IS MY NAME!"

"He's a bit eccentric," Kiara whispered back at Alana.

A little eccentric is quite an understatement, Alana thought, speechless, as she watched 'Lord of Chickens' show off his pet familiar—surprise!—chicken.

The golden hen screeched as the man picked her up and tossed her to the ceiling.

"FLY GOLDIE!!" the old wizard yelled. "BE FREE!!!"

A few boys in the class groaned.

"This happens every single time," Kiara said drily to Alana and Camillia.

Camillia giggled.

WIthout warning, the man suddenly plopped himself on the ground.

"Ahem," he cleared his throat. "I am Master Stonewall." He spread out his arms. "Welcome to Magic Management class."

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