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T/W for s-lf h-rm (e, a), c-tt-ng (u, i)and s-lf  l-ath-ng (e, o, i) thoughts. 
This chapter might be triggering for some people so read at your own risk. Here Mallow suffers with AND gives in to self harming tendencies. Do not read if  that is triggering for you. It has been shown in a negative and dangerous way. DO NOT MAKE FUN OF IT OR ANYBODY THAT STRUGGLES WITH THIS. I struggle with it myself and absolutely do not entertain anything or anyone believing that this is okay to joke about because it is not. Have fun!

Mallow's POV 

I smile softly as I look at the many texts from my friends for my birthday eve and reply to some of them, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside because of all the love I was receiving. 

You only need one person to actually be happy, though, I hear my inner thoughts whisper. It is true yet eerie, it is a weird feeling. Am I even ready for it — having one person who could make me feel as if I am on cloud 9? I don't know and honestly, the answer to that question can wait. 

I have all sorts of worries that resurface inside of me. He'll leave you. You're not pretty enough. Nobody likes someone else's broken mess. You can hide your flaws but for how long? 

All of it is consuming and draining, especially when I have answers to none of the questions and nobody to stop the inner demons. 

I'm okay, I think, or I'd like to think. As far as I know, I will be okay as long as there's a face I'd love to wake up to everyday. 

The thought makes me smile and I decide to call him over. The best way to start the twentieth year of my life is by starting it with someone I deeply appreciate, isn't it? 

With the same thought, I call him. 

He picks up after the third ring. 

"Well hello, darling," he greets and I feel my cheeks get hot. 

"Hey! Were you doing something important?" I ask, smiling brightly even though he couldn't see it. 

"Nothing too important, why?" he answers. 

"Um, I was thinking you could come over," I trail off, not wanting to fixate on an idea of what we would do. 

"Oh, huh, well, I'll, uh, think about it," he replies and I feel myself mutter a quiet 'oh' to myself at the sudden change in his behavior. 

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