Chapter 42

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Yulia's POV:

It was definitely the smell of blood. 

My eyes naturally looked at his left arm.

There was nothing wrong with his right hand and he didn’t move his left arm as much. 

“…Did you hurt your left arm?” 

“Are you worried?”

He had a smile on his face.

“Are you hurt? Please answer that first.” 

“It’s okay. And it won’t scar.” 

That must be a lie. 

How can I accept it as a minor injury when there is a smell of blood? 

I’m not a complete fool. 

“Chestee. It didn’t seem like a light wound.”

 “……It’s not really a big injury. There’s just a lot of bleeding.” 

A lot of bleeding means you’re seriously hurt!

I could see him sneakily hiding his left arm. 

When I saw it, I hurriedly grabbed his left arm. 


His sleeves were damp. When I checked the liquid on my hand, it was undeniably red. And the liquid smelled fishy. 

“This is blood, right?”

“That’s true.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” 

“It’s not a big deal. I often bleed.”

He probably wrapped the wound with a bandage, but this blood stain meant that the wound was still open. 

I felt really strange too.

I was the one who drove him to the war, and I was the one who wanted him to die there, but why am I so surprised to see him hurt?

I was the one who wanted him to die, but why am I shaking so much just because he’s wounded?

 “…Does it hurt a lot?” 

“It doesn’t hurt much,” 

He fiddled his left arm. 

Did I feel guilt? I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t know where my anxiety originated and the cause. 

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