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Christmas was finally there, only one more week untill I could teach at Clara's school. You could say I was excited for it, but even more excited for today. I had bought tons of gifts and was gonna drop them of at her house, she would be so happy! The evening arrived and I spoke with a voice to her mother to Cook a Nice diner. After they ate they recieved presents from me under the tree. She loved it. Her eyes were sparkling with joy all day and it was amazing to see her like this.

The holidays started going quickly and while Clara was now in good hands with her mother being an actual mother again, I decided to go to one of her other classmates: William.

William was a darling little boy with dark brown hair and green eyes. he was almost 7 years old and a lil older then Clara. Both his parents were with him and had well paid jobs, he had 2 dogs and enjoyed his little life

It was before his Christmas diner as I sat upon a tree branch that was infront of his window. After his diner he went to his room to play with some of his new toys while one of the dogs started barking against the window. William was confused and opened the curtains where he saw me sitting infront of his window. The little boy tripped over his own feet when he stepped away and was about to hit his head on a dresser, but I wouldnt let that happen. Instantly I was inside his room and pulled him gently against me before hitting the dresser.

The Young boy looked at me with fear in his eyes. I let him go and sat down on the floor. "hello there William, Im.. Vendette"

I didnt know back then..that telling him my name was an awfull mistake

He glared at me in silence and kept his distance for what felt like hours. "Who are you?" His soft voice broke the silence between us.

"Im Vendette.. The goddess of Self Reflection"

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