Flashback TW: if your sensative for things such as hanging proceed with caution

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"Im Vendette the goddess of Self Reflection"

Those were the exact words I said thousands of years ago while stuck in the Palace of one of the princes of hell. It was the youngest brother of the 7 and I had a noose tied around my neck while the boy sat smirking on a chair. "well well.. Finally I have you exactly where I want you!" He pulled the rope next to him a bit and I felt the noose get thighter around my neck as I let out a small scream. I would die here in hell, and no one would know that I was gone. He pulled the rope harder towards him and the noose closed around my neck. I couldnt breath and tried to get loose but my hands were tied. as I was struggling to escape my death I heard the metallic sound of a sword followed by me falling to the ground gasping for air. As I looked up to see my savior I was shocked to see the oldest prince, and my oldest enemy Sage above me, preventing my head from hitting the ground.
"I've got you.. dont worry" He removed the rope around my neck and the cuffs around my wrists. "There we go, you're safe now" As soon as I was freed I got myself away from him. "Why are you so scared amore.. Im not the bad guy this time"
"I am Vendette, The goddess of Self Reflection" He sighed "Yeah yeah so you can see my true intentions, but for once trust me, I promise it wont make things worse" I trusted him that one time and as he helped me out of there. The moment I was safe I decided to ask him one last question: "why did you save me?" He looked at me with a smirk "Oh amore! If you are dead, I have no one to fight against!" After that.. Sage was dragged back into hell and I was safe.

I wanted to post this earlier but this week my grandpa entered the hospital so I focussed on that

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