Chapter 25

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"Where the fucking hell is she?" Aaron growled at the Salvatores who were staring at the letter, their face pale at the revelation. "We got her here so that she would be safe. Even from herself."

"I-I don't know," Damon whispered, his hands were shaking as he tried to process the information. She gave herself up to that monster. She gave up.

"Well get your witch and find out where Tessa is," Klaus shouted.

"I'll call Bonnie," Stefan mumbled before walking out of the living room. 

"What was she thinking?" Nathan groaned.

"That's the point," Aaron scowled. "She wasn't thinking. She just did what she wanted to do with no care for the consequences."

"She did have the right intentions at heart," Elijah said, trying to console the werewolf. 

"Yeah she did," David snapped making Caroline place a comforting hand on his shoulder. "But she put herself in danger."

"She's strong," Elena piped in, walking towards the older Salvatore. "She'll be okay." She placed a hand on Damon's cheek, pulling his face towards her, only for him to pull away. 

"No, she won't. She's been taken by a goddamn psychopath Elena."

"She knows how to protect herself," Elena retorted, rolling her eyes at how worried her Damon was for her. "She made her choice, Damon. She left."

"Shut the doppelganger's mouth before I kill her," Aaron gritted out. "My son's mother is in danger."

Damon sent her a sharp glare making her pout.

"Bonnie's on her way," Stefan entered the room. 

Tessa grunted and cursed at Benjamin when he pushed her onto the hard floor. She felt someone pull her hair. 

Her eyes widened when she saw the man standing in front of her, holding her hair roughly. He was the same man she had seen with Jocelyn in her dream. He was bald and had the Circle rune on his neck.


"I've been waiting for a very long time, Theresa," he bent down to her height. "My Angel, you look so much like her," he gently caressed her bruised cheek.

"Who? Tatiana?" 

He flinched. 

"You killed her," she stated. 

"She tried to take you away from me, Theresa," Valentine retorted. As if that was supposed to make her understand.

"Why?" She couldn't help but ask. She knew that he wanted to use her as a weapon. And she knew that her mother tried to run away. But she never knew why.

"My sister never appreciated everything I did for her, for you."

Tessa froze. Sister?

Valentine chuckled at the shocked expression on her face. "Oh, how I missed you, my darling niece."

"No." She gasped and stumbled away from him. 

She refused. "No. "She refused to believe that she was in any way related to that monster. 

"No." She refused to believe that she had the same blood running through her veins as him.

"Deny it all you want, Theresa," Valentine shrugged and got back on his feet. "We are family."

She felt Benjamin pull her up by her hair making her wince. 

"Now," Valentine continued, walking around the dark room. "Where did your mother hide the cup?"

"I don't know. You killed her before I could even speak, remember?"

"Well, it is somewhere there in that pretty little head of yours. We're just going to have to force it out."

"What are yo-." Tessa felt a cold pair of hands grabbing her head. She tried to turn but whoever it was, was strong. She tried to wiggle out of their hold but Benjamin's grip on her upper arm stopped her. 

"What are you doi-." She let out an earsplitting scream. Her head felt like it was splitting in half, agonizing pain spread through her body and it felt like her blood was boiling. 

"No-," she yelled. "Stop-."

"Please-. No."

She screamed for what felt like hours. 

She needed it to stop. She needed the pain to stop. 

A/N - Okay this chapter is terrible. I am so so sorry. 

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