Chapter 31

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Am I even going the correct way?

Simply wording it; no, you weren't. Wasn't that vision supposed to be acting as a guide so you could reach that place where she wanted you to come?

Well; duh, obviously. If not, you wouldn't have seen it in the first place. But the problem was, you weren't the best when it comes to finding the right place. You were a person who would somehow find a way to get lost even if a person points you to the direction in which you should go to.

You, now, really wished if your mind could repeat the vision: but, replay it slowly. You tried closing your eyes and silently waiting; hoping you would see it again. Sadly, though, luck was not on your side recently.

Luck was never on your side.

You remembered the image of your final destination: it was a room, dark and vast, with limited number of windows; dusty and untouched, since no one ever opened them.

Shortly, it looked haunted.

Who were you even kidding? The whole place is a ghost attraction; you wouldn't even be surprised if you suddenly witness a white mist floating on thin air...

Like, explain the whooshing noises you heard when you first got here-

"Y/N, what the hell are you doing here?!"


"Ohmygod, Jungkook! You can't just appear out of nowhere! In fact, you did appear out of now where ... How d'you do that?"

Jungkook looked annoyed, disoriented and startled; all at the same time.

"I have the power of invisibility, that's why you couldn't see me."

"Ah- wait, what do you mean by "that's why you couldn't see me"? You were following me this whole time?!"

You were right. They did send someone to tail you. And here you thought Kang Bora was supposed to be evil.

"I- I- I didn't say anything like that now did I?"

"You just stuttered, which can literally confirm the statement I made!"

Shit, Jin never told him to show himself to her. He'll be doomed when he gets back. Nevertheless, he will not go back without Y/N. That's his last ray of hope; if he brought Y/N back safely, he could get off of Jin's clutches.

"You still didn't answer my question: why are you here?"

That was not what I expected.

What were you supposed to tell? Kang Bora asked me to come to this Church, so she could answer my questions? That would be foolishly dumb.

"Just Like what I told you before I left: I'm exploring the town."

"Don't lie, you've only been to this building so far."

"This building caught my eye, what's so wrong about this place?"

You make eye contact with him; whilst eyeing him suspiciously. What is he trying to hide?

"Look, Y/N, you shouldn't be here. It's not safe-"

Jungkook grabs your arm, already pulling you out.


You free your arm from his grip, growling at him.

"Then tell me what's wrong with this place?!"

Jungkook halts in his tracks, gazing at you with an unreadable expression.

Why can't he tell me?

You stand your ground with your hands crossed across your chest.

"I'm not moving unless you answer my question."

Before you could blink, he had pulled you into his chest which alarmed you at the sudden contact with his chest. You refused to look up at him because you know what you'll see: a smirking Jungkook, owing to the fact that you're at your most vulnerable position.


No. I won't give into his treachery.

"Y/N, look at me."



You could hear the sincerity in his voice, but like you said before you won't give into his mind games.

"No, not until you answer my question."

He sighs. You could feel his warm breath wafting on your cheek.

"For that Y/N, you have to come home with me. I'll promise you; we'll answer anything you want to ask."

You finally look up at him to find him smiling down at you.

Should I really believe him and go back? What about Kang Bora? Should I just give up on her and follow Jungkook? Can they give me the answers I want? 

A/N: I'm back bitchessssss!!!! With another chapter, hope you enjoy:) 


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