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I had to tell the team. More like Morelli told the team while I sat next to him, bouncing my leg. I gave him permission, but it was gonna end up out anyway.

Right now, he's gone to check on something, but he said it wouldn't take long. Rafael and Sofia are back, along with Colton who was asleep upstairs the whole time, in a guest room. We're all gathered in Luca's kitchen.

Colton and Dexter are typing on two different laptops. Colton's trying to find where Dean texted from and Dexter's figuring out where he's been since I last saw him.

"Guys, I'm pretty sure there's other things you guys could be focusing on, FBI-wise. Serial killers, domestic terrorists." I run my fingers through my hair again, watching them type rapidly. I thought I typed fast, but damn.

"We have a day off, Hana. We have nothing better to do unless we get called in." Sofia says softly, shoving another mug of tea into my hands. I get a sniff and it's definitely chamomile.

I huff before taking a sip, "Can't we at least move this to the facility? I need to complete the mural." Seriously, I need to finish it before winter starts. When it's December, I get floods of commissions for "snowy scenery" or "festive trees."

Best and worst month of my life.

"She's right." Rafael says across from me, solemnly, leaning against the wall. "We have more resources there, too."

Dexter's the first one to close his laptop, frowning from the lack of information found. Colton follows but slower, and with more regret.

We separate into two cars. I ride with the twins, for reasons that weren't explained to me. The rest file into Colton's car. It's the quietest I've heard everybody since I've met them.


I realized I had to stop by my apartment to grab my supplies, because obviously, I didn't bring them to the party. The twins didn't want me to. They said they couldn't risk me going home, and Dean might be there.

"My dog!" I exclaim, poking my head between the two front seats. Rafael briefly closes his eyes from the passenger seat. Apparently, Sofia is the better driver.

Sofia sighs, making a U-turn towards my apartment complex. I lean back satisfied, but I still cannot believe they stuffed me into the backseat. I probably should've called shotgun, but then everybody would think I saw a shooter.

There's gotta be like a FBI protocol to put live victims in the back, so they don't get sniped or anything. Granted, somebody could be pointing a laser at the back of my head, and I wouldn't know.

Oh well.

They also wouldn't let me take my own car because Dean could be tracking my GPS. There's a lot of 'could' and 'what if' in this situation. It sucks.

The car pulls in front of the gate of the conjoined parking garage, and Sofia asks me for the code.

"Wouldn't that be the biggest security breach I could do right now?" I deadpan, looking at her through the rearview mirror.

She raises her eyebrow at me, "Would you like to get out of the car and punch it in yourself?"

Fuck. I cross my arms, huffing. Reluctantly, I tell her the code and I see her smile out of the corner of my eyes. It's a nice sight, considering how heavy the morning has been. She parks in the spot my car usually is, and I'm the first one to get out. I really need to see Beau.

"Hana!" Rafael shouts, still getting out of the car, but I'm already at the elevator, pressing the 'Up' button. "We still need to canvass the apartment."

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