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"Baby what's the six most common neurological disorders and what's one way you can identify them" Tribe asked me as he laid in between my legs eating his pub sub.

"The six most common neurological disorders are epilepsy, seizures, ALS, strokes, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's disease and one way to identify them is headaches" I answered confidently while I rubbed his head.

"Ok baby" he said causing me to smile.

"Out of six of the most common disorders which one pops up more" I asked then I started taking out one of his braids.

"Epilepsy is one of the serious brain disorders and it doesn't have a age limit anyone can get it" he replied then I cheesed.

"Oh yea we got this test in the bag" I said running my hands down his bare chest.

"Why you taking my hair out" he asked then I pinched his nipples then he looked back at me with the nastiest mug causing me to bust out laughing.

"I wanna see your hair I'll put them back in, and don't look at me like that" I said then he moved my hands.

"Don't be pinching a nigga pebbles that shit mad weird mama" he said causing me to laugh harder.

"Babe what? Yo pebbles" I asked laughing.

"Yes, and it's not funny I can only do that to you" he said putting his hands over his "pebbles".

"I'm weak baby them yo nipples" I said wiping my eyes.

"Nah, I like the word pebbles better" he said turning on his stomach then he held his sub to my mouth and I took a bite.

"It's good" he asked causing me to nod.

"You wanna know what would taste even better in yo mouth" I asked then he raised an eyebrow.

"What" he asked taking another bite of his sub.

"My pussy duh" I said rolling my eyes.

"Hold up" he said getting up from the couch then he walked to the kitchen.

"I'll be back stay right there" he said causing me to nod with an eyebrow raised.

"Ok baby" I said unlocking my phone then I went on tik tok and a couple minutes later he was back.

"Cut that off" he said getting in between my legs again then he grabbed the hem of my panties and pulled them down causing me to close my legs as the cold air hit my girl.

"Ok" I said turning off my phone then I placed it on the couch.

"Since we have a test coming up let's turn my eating time into your study time, you have a vocabulary test and I happen to know your words so imma spell the word into yo pussy and you gotta give me the definition, ight" he asked causing me to nod.

"Don't go fast I gotta figure out what you spelling" I said then he nodded.

"Ok, but gimme kiss" he said hovering over me and I could smell the fresh mint on his breath.

"Mmm" I moaned then I leaned forward and kissed him deeply while holding his cheek.

The once simple kiss was now a full make out session with his hard on pressed against the center of my pussy causing me to moan each time he grinded his hips.

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