It's okay, I still love you

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"Get up!" Zory banged Valen's cell before opening it. "Get dressed."

"Where am I going?"

"You are going to go meet the twins and finish what you started. Now go."

Valen stood up and went to go put her suit on. She braided two strands of her hair into a bun. She then put a black mask on. She had no clue what was going on, where she was going, or what the twins were doing.

Valen was escorted out to a car that drove like a race car. She had to hold onto the car door to keep herself from falling over as she sat in the middle in the back.

In the car, she was briefed on everything by Zory. Apparently the twins were sent out first. They were told that a majority of the Avengers were out at the same time so they were supposed to pick them off one by one. Hearing that, Valen scuffed already knowing that it was a trap. Now Hydra agents and the twins were fighting the Avengers in the streets.

"Look at me." Zory grabbed onto Valen's jaw. "You will not fail me again. You hear me?"

Valen nodded. Zory wished he would've wiped her before coming out to this battle, but it was too late for that. He just had to hope she would do as told and not hesitate when she saw any of them.

Valen was all in. She hated not having his approval, so she knew she had to do whatever it took today.

The car came to a halt. She fixed her mask and got out. Before her foot even took a step onto the ground, she turned invisible. She could hear the fight going on just a block away.

Valen took off running. Clint was shooting arrows at the twins, so she took off towards him first. He shot another arrow, but Valen reached out her hand first, creating ice that reached up from the ground to enclose the arrow inside it.

He seemed to smirk, confusing the girl. He pressed the side of his ear before speaking. "It worked. Elsa has arrived."

Valen ran at him and kicked his stomach. He staggered backwards and pulled out an arrow. He looked cluelessly around not knowing where she was. Valen went behind him and knocked out his knee so she could wrap her arms around his throat more easily. He reached behind him and pulled Valen over his shoulder. However, Valen grabbed onto his suit. As she flipped over, he went with her. She landed on her feet, but Clint landed on his back. He let out a groan looking up at the sky.

Peter, in his Spider-Man suit, swooped down to Clint. Valen pulled out a knife and flipped it in her hand. She ran at him with her hand slowly raising, but right as she was about to reach him, he grabbed onto her wrist.

"Valen, stop." Peter looked right into her eyes even though he couldn't see her.

Valen has never known anyone to figure out where she was when she was invisible. She looked into the eyes of his mask then at his hand on her wrist. It made her angry. She jumped in the air and kicked him in the chest. It made him let go and take a step back. She put her hands behind her so that when she reached the ground she could use the momentum to push herself back up.

Peter looked behind Valen for a split second before back at her. Valen was about to turn around when a pair of hands grabbed either side of her head. Valen turned visible, and her eyes glowed a bright red.

Wanda's hand swirled with a red color as she entered Valen's head to shift through her memories. Peter watched Valen who looked lifeless standing in front of him. He hoped with his entire body that this plan would work.

With everything inside Valen, she started to make her body turn into ice, starting with her head. The cold reached Wanda's hands and started to freeze them. Her fingers instantly started to turn blue from the major temperature change. Wanda's hold over Valen started to falter from the pain going up her hands into her arms.

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