Chapter 40

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“Let’s do it well.”


Evan Hilcheon’s horse, which he simply called the black horse, snorted at her as if he were mocking her words.

Although it might have been Juliana’s misinterpretation, the raspy snorts that were coming out of his nostrils were definitely unusual.

Juliana, who had mounted the cheeky horse, moved her stiff arms and grabbed the reins.

Then she gasped for breath. The tiredness and dizziness of wanting to dig into the blanket immediately covered her.

However, right now she only wanted to lead Ereina to a brighter future. So that instead of becoming a villainess, she would win the emperor’s heart and be with him for a hundred years.

‘Then, Yeoju and Evan……?’

Juliana suppressed the faintly wriggling question.


She didn’t want to think about it now. Instead of interfering with the original novel and changing the course of its story, she just wanted to escape from the novel’s plot and live a different life.

So she didn’t want to worry or think about it. But Evan changed it. Evan Hilcheon changed the lazy Juliana Auburn.

She has never been more aware of this fact than she was now. And so Juliana, in a melancholy mood, settled herself on the black horse.

Firstly, she was afraid because her eyesight was higher than usual. And as if he knew that the owner on his back wasn’t his usual one, the black horse tossed his head.

“You, stay still if you don’t want to end up as horse meat. It wouldn’t be bad if I did what I said.”

Juliana grumbled at the stubborn black horse.

Meanwhile, there was a great silence shortly after the crowd had stopped roaring. Then again, the horn sounded in the stadium, marking the beginning of the golden match.


“Giddy up!”


The powerful black horse galloped through the stadium.

People stared at Juliana Auburn with their breaths held, because the appearance of the famous sorceress on horseback was beyond their imagination.

As was the case with the empress’s game, the ten stone statues were evenly spaced out along the road for the horse.

Juliana fell flat on her back as if she were barely hanging on top of a speeding black horse. People screamed at the dangerous figure.

“Oh, my God!”

“You’ll get hurt!”

Both aristocrats and commoners gazed anxiously at the Duchess hanging on the galloping horse, while her previously bound hair had now loosened.

“Giddy up!”

On the other hand, Juliana kicked the sides of the black horse to speed up even more.

Then the black horse thundered violently. He raised his front legs and stood up as if against his fiery owner. Ereina jumped at the dangerous appearance of a deliberately angered horse.

“Y-you have to stop!”

Everyone rose to their feet at the sound of the empress’s scream.

However, the black horse galloped even faster, and Juliana, clutching the reins tightly, did not even budge.

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