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"Lee where the fuck is my phone?!" I looked around the private jet but it was nowhere to be found. She walked out of the bathroom followed by a flight attendant, I gave her a disgusted look.

"Really? In the bathroom? You're weird" I said as I kept looking around, we were about to land and I had to find my phone.

"Dawn, it's literally in the pocket of your jacket" she said amused.

"No it's not, I looked and I didn't find it" I patted my pockets and when I felt it I stopped, it was on the inner pocket.

"I've never seen you this nervous boss" she joked and put her seatbelt on.

"Shut up before I fire you" I threatened, she laughed and nodded her head. I wasn't nervous, not at all. I mean why would I he nervous, I'm never nervous. I'm scary and tough and everyone needs to know that, expect for her... I don't want her to fear me.

"Yeah sure, you're sweating like a little bitch" Lee said again, I sighed and flipped her off.

I put my sunglasses and walked down the stairs of the jet to find an SUV waiting for me. Lee walked behind me, there stood my men with other guys that I didn't know. They nodded and opened the car door for us.

"Boss, there's someone in the car waiting for you" he said, I nodded. To my surprise Mr black was sitting in the car waiting for me, Lee sat next to me and started to look between us as I glared at him.

"Dawn I-..." He started, he looked scared, ashamed, surprised. I didn't say anything I just kept staring at him, thinking of all the things he said to me before, he knew Kim was coming he knew everything and played dumb.

"You look amazing, Dawn. I'm here to welcome you back, I'm so happy you're okay. I was worried" he said shifting in his seat.

"Of course..." I whispered and looked out the window, I noticed we were driving in a familiar road.

"Lee I thought I said to go to Kim's house?" I asked confused, she looked out the window and realized we weren't going to our destination.

"We're going to my house Dawn since we're businesses partners I wanted to welcome you to my house again and talk there" he laughed nervously.

"Why would you think that I wanna go back to that house!" I yelled, and both of them flinched. I am not ready to see her, I'm not ready to face her. Did she miss me? Does she wanna talk to me? Does she even know I'm back? All thoughts were running in my head as we got closer and closer. Before I could talk again, it was too late. The car stopped in front of the familiar mansion.

Lee got out but Mr black and I stayed seated in the car. I was frozen.

"She's not home..." He whispered,

I walked inside the house to see that it didn't change at all, everything was still the same. A maid came running past us and went to the car to get the bags and suitcases.

"Well shall we start this meeting Dawn?" Mr. Black said, I nodded and we all walked to the living room.

"We're still looking for the traitor, it's said that they're still working but more discreetly. We're close though, we're gonna catch them" he said, the whole time I didn't say anything. Lee did the talking and explained what we should do to catch this person.

"Dad! I came to see you! I missed this house a l-" at the sound of her voice, my heart started beating so fast to the point that I couldn't hear anything anymore.

"M-maze?" Mr. Black stuttered out, he nervously got up looking behind me. I didn't dare move or turn back to look at her.

"What are you doing here Maze? I thought I said I had an important meeting and to not be disturbed?" He said nervously, no one said anything they both stared at each other and I think Lee sensed that something wasn't good.

"Mr. Black is there a family problem? We can go now and talk about this later. We're very tired anyway" she stood up, she grabbed my forearm and pulled me up with her. I hesitantly turned around to finally look at her and oh my she looked so beautiful, so different but good different. More mature...

Her face paled at the lock of our eyes, I can see her chest move faster like she was panicking and then I saw her eyes rolling to the back of her head and I knew she was going to fall. I jumped over the couch and caught her before her head could hit the floor.

She smelled so good, she smelled like home. I held her in my arms as I sat on the ground with her head on my chest. I gently caressed her beautiful hair as my tears fell on her paled face. Maids came running towards us and tried to pick her up but I declined, I stood up with her in my arms and walked straight to her room. I kissed her head and laid her on the bed, I sighed and whipped my tears walking back downstairs to the living room.

Lee was giving me a pitiful look and I knew Mr. Black has said something. I grabbed my phone and walked to the door with Lee on my tail.

"Dawn! Wait!" She called, I nodded at my men and they all went to their cars. I got inside the car and so did Lee but Mr. Black stopped the door before it closed.

"Dawn I'm s-" he started but I cut him off.

"The meeting will be held tomorrow morning at the company" I said closing the door and ordering the driver to leave. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly...


Well they met again, sorta...


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