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Today was a close call, almost blurted out I had a kid and them meeting at the market by accident and it's only been a day since she's back.

"Mama that mister has the same name as me" Zora said in the back of the car. I gave her a small smile and nodded.

"Small world isn't it, also that was a woman" I corrected her, she gave me a confused look.

"But she's so big, even bigger than papa" she said, I smiled and chuckled softly. She was definitely stronger and bigger than before. Her face has matured more, stronger features and sharper jawline. She must've been working out. Damn she looks so fine, I just wanna see under her shirt...

No I don't.

I'm married.

We walked to the elevator and I let Zora press the button because that's her favorite thing to do but I made sure to watch over her before she puts her hand in her mouth.

"We're home!" I said walking inside the house, but it was quiet. I guess Ivan is still working.

"I guess it's just me and you tonight again" I whispered to my kid. It wasn't the first time he works late, sometimes he doesn't even come in the morning but I was used to it so it didn't really bother me. I know sometimes he doesn't go to work but meets one of his side pieces to sleep with because I never let him touch me. I mean when we're drunk we'd make out but we've never taken it so far.

I sighed and pulled Zora closer so she can sleep. Sooner or later Dawn will find out Zora is her kid and I am not ready. When she was asleep I picked her up and put her in her room.

I felt a hand wrap around me and I sighed, her arm felt so nice. I pushed myself further.

"Oh you missed me?" A manly voice said in my ear, I jumped off of the bed breathing heavily.

"Hey are okay?" Ivan asked, I looked around and it was just me and him. I sighed and nodded.

"Just... Just a bad dream" I said laying on the bed but a little further this time. I don't feel like cuddling with him today.

"What's wrong?" He asked again, I just shook my head not wanting to talk about it. He sighed and turned the other way.

"I know it's something to do with her..." He whispered, I decided not to reply to his comment and tried to go back to sleep.

The next day, I had to go to work at the company so I had to wake up very early. I don't want to go to work but with the mole walking around I have to pay more attention.

I was driving when my phone started to ring, it was in my bag in the passenger seat. I tried to look for it but I made it fall under the seat. I looked in front of me to make sure no one was there and leaned to get the phone, I could feel it with the tip of my fingers. I leaned further more and finally got it, when I looked up there was someone crossing the street. I quickly pressed on the brakes and stopped just as I was about to hit them.

"Are you fuckin insane?!" They yelled, they couldn't really see me clearly because I had tinted windows. I got out the car and walked closer to her.

"This is the second time you almost killed me Maze!" She yelled,

"Oh c'mon the first time was just a small cut you big baby" I yelled back, I noticed she was going for a run. Sweat running down her chest and stomach. She was wearing a sports bra and black shorts. My eyes scanned her tattoos as they filled all over her skin.

"Stop driving" she said before putting her earphones back and went back to running. I groaned and went back inside my car slamming the door hard in frustration. I hit my steering wheel and turned the car on.

I don't know what frustrated me more, her looking extremely attractive or her being a fucking bitch. I didn't check my phone the whole time until I parked. I read the text from my brother.

'Gonna be home tonight, dad said family dinner bring Ivan and Zora' - Max

'also we have guests tonight' - Max

Why would we have guests for family dinner? I shrugged it off and went to my Office.

"Good morning Ms Black you have a missed call from Ms Lee and the new passwords from Ms Addams" my secretary said following me to my office. I am already done with today....


I don't know what mister black is planning but he said he wanted me to join him his family to dinner. He said that he wanted to thank me for what I've done for Maze when I was her bodyguard.

I wasn't planning on going but of course Lee had to make me get up and dress saying that we have nothing else to do but go.

"Why did I agree to this?" I said as she knocked on the door, she's acting like she's the one who's been invited to their house and not me.

"Because her dad is hot" she explained walking inside like she owned the place. This bitch...

"Ah Dawn! Welcome" Mr Black said going to hug me but I gave him my hand to shake. Lee on the other hand gave him a very long hug.

"Everyone is seated we were just waiting for you" he said guiding us to the dining room, I walked inside to the long table where Maze, her kid and Max were seated and Ivan? Oh no, not this guy. Don't tell me she married him? I made a disgusted look but quickly hid it with a cough.

The kid came running towards me and I patted her head with a smiled.

"Hello again, mist- I mean miss" she said while rocking herself forward and backwards with her hands behind her back.

"Well hello to you too little one" I said, she smiled wider and ran to her mom, who looked nervous as hell for some reason. I rolled my eyes and walked next to Lee. I put my hand on her back as we walked closer to the table. I purposely pulled her chair and sat down next to her and right in front of Maze who was glaring at the both of us. I wonder why...

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