(Request) Back To The Future- Marauders Part 2

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Originally Requested By: DesallineDesalline

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Originally Requested By: DesallineDesalline

Original Request: Can you please make a time travelling story with Marauders.

Requested By: -Silver_Sparrow-

Summary: Hey, can I request a part 2 to the story "Back to the Future" in your Marauders book? Can it be where Sirius, Remus and maybe even Peter see the reader in the when they are older?

A.N: This literally picks up where part 1 ended. This is slightly different to the request but I feel this works just as well.
Please note that the final scene in this is different to how the actual Shrieking Shack scene is at the end of the film. This is deliberate and is strictly for the purpose of this request.

Part II

You watched as the time turner took its final spin before stopping. The scenery around you quickly coming to a stop. You were back. A relieved smile graced your lips as you glanced around the now empty clock tower. The Marauders nowhere to be seen. "I'm home." You mumbled, taking the time turner's chain off from around your neck. You wont be messing with one of these again.

As you stood there, thinking back to the small adventure you'd been on in the couple of moments you were gone, a voice called your name. They were coming up the stairs. "Y/n? You up here?" They called. "Y/n?" It was Hermione.

Snapping yourself out of your thoughts, you were quick to respond. "Up here."

Hiding the time turner in your robe pocket, you met Hermione at the door just as she reached the top of the stairs. "Thank Merlin." She sighed with relief. "I was beginning to wonder where you'd gotten to. Now come on, otherwise we're going to be late." She explained, looping her arm with yours and pulling you along.

"Late for what?" You questioned with a laugh, remembering what lessons you have scheduled today. "Mione, we still have a good quarter of an hour until Divination."

"I know." She shrugged. "But I want to know what happened after you ran off with my time turner." She stated cooly. You on the other hand froze- forcing her to stop along with you- your face draining with colour. "Please don't think I'm mad, Y/n, I'm not." She added quickly when she saw your face. "I'm just curious as to what happened because... I have the feeling you used it."

You just continued to stand there. She really was the smartest witch. After a moment or two you snapped out of it. "You sure you're not mad?" You asked hesitantly.

Hermione nodded her head. "Positive." She confirmed with a smile. "Although I wouldn't mention this to anyone, especially Professor Mcgonagall as she's the one who entrusted this to me for the year."

You nodded your head quickly. "Yeah no, don't worry. I don't plan on anyone finding out." You promised before pulling the time turner out of your pocket and handing it to Hermione. "Here."

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