Chapter 32

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"Baby!" I shouted as Theo ran to my house. She jumped in my arms and I swung her around. I kissed her head over and over.

"Y/N, I missed you so much." She said.

"Oh I missed you more." I told her.

"Is Ariana here?" She asked.

"You haven't seen me in a damn week, and you're worried about Ariana. I'm your sister!" I said.

"I haven't seen Ariana in months!" She whined.

"Alright, alright. Come on." I said.

Truth is I hadn't even seen Ariana in a week. If I was out of my room, she was in her room or the studio. We didn't interact at all. I didn't want to pressure her into speaking with me because I knew I had fucked up. But it was killing me not talking to her.

I carried Theo up to Ariana's room. I knocked on the door.

"Yeah?" She answered.

"Somebody's here to see you." I said.

"Okay, the door is open." She said.

I opened Ariana's door and walked inside. Theo jumped out of my arms and ran to the bed.

"Hi, baby." Ariana said hugging her.

"Ariana, I missed you so much." Theo said.

"I missed you too, baby." She said.

"Are you and Y/N getting married yet?" Theo asked.

"Alright, that's enough from you." I said.

"No we aren't getting married yet. But you wanna know a secret?" Ariana said.

"Yes!" Theo shouted.

"We're having a baby." Ariana whispered.

Theo looked at me with wide eyes.

"What you looking at me for?" I asked.

Theo whipped her head back to Ariana.

"Am I the first person to know?" She asked.

"Yes, so you gotta keep it a secret." Ariana said. 

"I give her three hours before my entire extended family knows." I said.

Ariana gave me a small smile before looking back at Theo.

I missed her smiles so much. I missed everything about her. It was so hard knowing she was so close yet I couldn't just go be with her. There was nothing I could do about the whole Dinah situation. And there was nothing I could do to stop Ariana from hating me. I just wanted to tell her how much she meant to me. I wanted to hold her and tell her how sorry I was.

"Heard you were in town from your mom, asshole? That's what we're doing now?" Brady said coming into the room. He hugged me and picked me up.

Jackson came in behind him.

"Yeah, you're wrong for that." He said.

"Jackson! Brady! Ariana is having a baby!" Theo said. She covered her mouth immediately.

"You are the worst." I said to my sister.

"Holy shit. I it Y/N's?" Jackson said.

"Who else's would it be?" Ariana snapped.

Jackson raised his hands in defense.

"Didn't mean it like that, I swear." He said.

"Don't worry. It's the pregnancy hormones." Brady said.

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