Chapter 44

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Yulia's POV:

Chester was startled by what I said. 

I could clearly see his eyes shaking. 

Perhaps for him, it felt like a bolt out of the blue. 

He even confessed to me, but what returned was a ban.


“You said you loved me. Was it a lie?” 

“…I mean it.” 

“Then please think of it as proof.” 


He gently stepped down. He was so gentle that it felt strange.

His hand digging into the hem of my dress was retracted, and he put my cheeks on his hand instead. 

With a very handsome face, even only with a slight smile, he could make a person fascinated. 

“If I had to do that so that you could trust me, I’d be happy to do that.” 


“I don’t want to be hated by you, Yulia.” 

He stared at me as if he was seducing me.

But soon the gaze disappeared.

Chester closed his eyes and rubbed his face on my palm like a puppy. 

“Yulia. I’ll listen to you well from now on.”

Chester kissed my wrist and looked down at me with a drowsy smile.

“So see you tomorrow, Yulia,”

He kissed the back of my hand, staring straight into my eyes. 

My heart thumped and reacted to him. 

How could a person be this handsome? Isn’t it cheating? 

Who would be calm if he smiled and acted like that with that face? 

“Yulia. I won’t eat you up. I won’t touch more than your lips until the period you said.” 


“Yes, Yulia.”

“If you want to make me trust you, can you move away from me for now?”

He seemed to have no intention of moving away.

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