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I rushed through the people in the busy hospital with a still passed out Maze. A nurse helped me put her on a bed and they pushed her to the emergency room.

I was pacing around the hallway with my hand on my sweaty forehead. All types of thoughts running, what am I going to say to her? What should I do? How can Zora take all of this?

"Hey calm down" I heard Mr. Black say and that was my last straw.

"Calm down! CALM DOWN?! Your daughter has been lying to me the whole time. I've been here for over two weeks and she didn't think that I deserve to know about my daughter?! Don't you think that's cruel? My kid is still too young for this fucking drama that your daughter could've avoided by just telling me the truth!" I blew up on him, I could feel my breathing go back to its steady rhythm, I needed to let out somehow and it just happens to be Mr. Black.

"I'm sorry Dawn, I didn't know either I swear. She doesn't talk to me about Zora at all, so I just didn't question her" he explained, I didn't care what he thought or what he believed. All that matters is finding a way to tell Zora.

"Mr. Black, welcome back... I mean it's not that it's a good thing that your daughter is in the hospital again. I- I mean" the doctor rambled, I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him closer to my face.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed doctor? Cause it would be very funny that they find your corpse squeezed inside a vending machine" I threatened and he looked terrified. I felt a pair of hands grab my arms and try to pull them away from.

"S-sir, the patient is going to be alright. Just a couple bruises that could be easily treated" he said fast, I smiled and let go of him patting is face. I pushed past him and walked inside Maze's room, she was sleeping with a bandage wrapped around her neck and head.

"Why did you do this to me Maze..." I sat on her bed, she looked so peaceful.

"How can you.... Lie to her and make her believe that her dad was some guy..." I started, I put my hand on hers and rubbed my cold thumb on her knuckles.

"I would be upset at first but then I still love you and I'll surely love my daughter, did you really think I'll abandon you" my tears were running down my face, I didn't want my daughter to feel the pain that I went through when my dad left when I realized he was never going to come back. I'd do anything for her to live in a healthy household.

"We'll talk about this when you're feeling better" I leaned to kiss her but I stopped and backed away.


I opened my eyes to a very blinding light, I groaned covering my face from the annoying sight. When I was finally ready to open them fully I scanned the room.

"Hi dad" I said hoarsely, he was holding Zora on his lap with a sad smile on his face.

"Hey sweetheart, we missed you" he walked closer to me and put Zora next to me. I hugged her tight and kissed her cheeks, she was too busy playing with her gun oy that I've don't remember buying for her. I gave my dad a confused look.

"Dawn got it for her" he chuckled, I'm sure she didn't know what she'd want and went with the gun. I laughed slightly and rolled my eyes playfully. Where is she anyway?

"She has work but she said she'll be here soon" my dad answered me knowing exactly what I was thinking about.

"Thanks dad..."

"Why didn't you tell me Maze?" He asked, I looked at him wondering what he's referring to.

"She's Dawn's kid, I know. Dawn knows..." When those words left his mouth my face fell and my heart started to beat faster. I was planning on telling her myself but I guess she found out the hard way. How does she feel? Is she upset? Is she happy?

"She did take care of Zora yesterday when you were passed out so I think she's good, except for the part that she's always in a bad mood" speaking of Dawn, she walked in holding a bag. She side eyed me for a second but didn't say anything.

"Dawn!" Zora jumped off the bed and ran to her, Dawn picked her up and threw her on her shoulder making Zora release a giggle.

Dawn sat with my daughter on her lap and opened the bag. She grabbed two presents, one was small and the other was small.

"This one is for you" she handed the big one to Zora who was too excited she ripped the paper so fast. Inside the box was a mini car that worked with a controller. Zora's eyes almost popped out of her head.

"And this, is for your mom." She looked at me and gave me a small smile. Zora grabbed the small present and slowly walked to the bed scanning the box in her hands. She handed it to me and stood there waiting patiently for me to open it.

"Dawn... I'm sorry. I didn't know how or when. It's just... I-" I felt my tears fall harder as I felt the guilt building up inside me.

"Maze, open the present" she asked standing up behind Zora who's already ready to snatch the box and open it herself.

"I'm trying to apologize and you're a-"

"Just open it damn it!" My dad snapped, I guess Zora isn't the only one excited to find out what was under the wrapping paper.

"Okay okay, geez" I unwrapped it to find a surprise.


I stared at the ring speechless.

"Will you marry me, Maze?"


Are you happy?! Because I am!


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